What Does You Belly Measure

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Tanna - July 7

At my 32 weeks appt. (which was actually 32 1/2, but who's counting? oh yeah - I am!) my belly measured...32. I never even asked about that up until this appt. because I just recently found out that your belly will usually measure in cm at or very near to how many weeks along you actually are. I didn't even know that for my first two pregnancies. Anyway - do you normally ask and is it normally pretty accurate?


piratesmermaid - July 7

I dunno if it's usually accurate. This is my first pregnancy and I've noticed that my belly is 3 weeks faster than my weeks. At my 37 week appoint. I measured at 40 1/2 cm. 'Course my doctor always says "Wow, she's really growing" so it could be that she'll be a bit on the big side.


ThePezChick - July 7

My stomach is measuring 2 weeks larger than I am far along. My doctor said my son is on the big side and that they'll do an ultrasound closer to my due date to make sure I can deliver him v____ally. At my last appt. I was 25 weeks along and measured 27 cm.


AlissaF - July 7

I measured about a week behind towards the end and when my little guy was born, it was found that he was a week younger than drs had originally thought.


Shae-lynn - July 7

Hi, this is something I have been thinking about throughout my pregnancy. I always measure 2 cm behind such as this past week at my 37 week apt. I measured 35 cm. I really wonder if this means my baby is going to come late or if he/she is just small? Anyone experience this?


Me2 - July 10

Hello ladies. I was just reading everyone's post about their measurements and decided to put my two cents in, lol. At my last check up at 30 weeks, I measured 38cm. Routine ultrasound at 18 weeks did not show twins and baby measured right on target so my dates are not wrong. No gestational diabetes or anything like that so I don't know what the heck to expect. This is my fourth pregnancy and I do know that subsequent pregnancy sometimes measure 2 - 3 weeks ahead, but my gosh I am measuring 8 weeks ahead. Just thought I'd share this info with you all.


Tanna - July 11

Man Me2, sounds like you either have lots of fluid or a really big baby in there!


Me2 - July 11

Tanna, I asked my midwife about that and she said my fluid levels are fine. I'm thinking maybe big baby too, but my other three were small to average (#1 was 7 lbs 2 oz, #2 was 6 lbs 2 oz, #3 was 7 lbs 8 oz). We'll see, lol.


jenrodel - July 11

My belly is always a week behind - 23cm at 24 weeks, 27cm at 28 weeks etc. I figure as long as there is enough growth (approx 1 cm per week) it should be fine?


ashley - July 11

I measured at 35 weeks at my 33 week appointment. At my 35 week appointment I still measured 35 weeks. At my 36 week appointment and 37 week appointment still measured 35 weeks. My doc said its partly because he has dropped and partly because fluid levels start to decline. She didn't seem concerned... but my daughter did the same thing. i have small babies on my side.



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