What Drug Is In An Epidural Allergy Problems

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citrouille - July 27

hi I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of drugs are used in epidurals? I'm wanting to go natural but worried that if I do end up needing an epidural that I might not to able to anyway. I'm allergic to morphine (and every drug in the same family demerol, codeine etc). I'd like to know what is used in an epidural and if there are different choices! Thanks!


citrouille - July 27



~E~ - July 27

I don't know the answer to your question...but would be interested to know as well. I am planning on natural..we'll see... I'm scared of allergic reactions as well. This post might get more attention in the General Questions forum...


Lynn - July 27

Different hospitals use different drugs. Most of the time it is something like benzocaine/lidocaine that is used in addition to an anesthetic. You can get the anesthetic without the painkiller in the epidural too - you just have to demand that they don't add any painkillers to it. It won't work as well, but it will help with the labor pains if needed. You also want to be sure of what they put into your IV too. I have heard of hospitals making it a practice to automatically give stadol or demerol in the IV as part of their "standard procedures" So definitely let everyone know that you are allergic - if you have the allergy then there is a higher chance that the baby may have the allergy too & that's not something you'll want to find out about at 7 centimeters. I am planning on going natural too - I react very badly to just about every kind of painkiller out there on the market and generally have had very hard recoveries from other anesthetics so I want to avoid everything if possible. Good luck & let us know how it goes!


Jamie - July 27

I've just been informed by my doctor that I will not be allowed an epidural, due to low platelets. However, I can still have a narcotic via IV if I choose - demerol, etc. So - I think you'll be safe, since you seem to be allergic to narcotics; I don't think the epidural is one. Your best bet, though, would be to contact the anesthesiology department where you'll be delivering.



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