What Exercise Haha

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HEATHER - February 6

ok, so after hitting my 3rd tri, I CANT exercise, I get such bad contractions almost instantly! and sadly im gaining weight like crazy now! like 2lbs a week, I cant cut back on what I eat otherwise im hungry. But in the begining I was hardly gaining, its all coming on like crazy now. I was hoping to stay under 25lbs, but I was 25lbs at my 34 week appt, and the way im going... ahhh!!! do you exercise?


andy - February 6

I´m 32 w and have gained 22 pounds so far ... still 8 weeks to go is a lot of possible FAT to gain ... I´m in a prenatal course but get to exercise once a week there , so thats nothing ... I´m just hoping to get to a 30 lbs max at 40 weeks ... but who knows ... Good Luck!!!


Tammy276 - February 7

exercise? What the heck is that?? I haven't exercised AT ALL throughout this pregnancy. My exercise was when I was at work and had to walk around, and chasing after my 2 year old son.....thats as much exercise as I'm getting...And now i'm not working anymore, so I really feel lazy!! I do want to walk more, but its too freaking cold outside...I am 33 weeks and pretty much useless at work right now, so I am off until after my 6 weeks after baby is born....guess i'll just have to walk up and down my stairs 50 times a day!!!! haha....I do get a lot of BH contractions though if I move around too much.....so I am thinking walking will work for me great to send me into labor in the end!! I have gained ummmm..let me do the math quick......27lbs so far.....so I'm thinking I'll reach the 35 mark by the time I'm cooked....I tend to gain 2lbs/week in the last couple of weeks...so who knows, I may even reach the 40lb. mark!!


redhead125 - February 7

Exercise? What is this strange thing you're describing? Ha! I struggled with my weight gain, too (being a naturally thin person, it's hard to watch that scale climb!). I was hoping to be a 25 pound gainer as well, but at 36 weeks I have gained a whopping 40 pounds! Everyone is different and you'll gain what you gain. I'm sure you're healthy. Know that it will all come off in the end. My girlfriend has 2 kids and gained 45 with each--she looks AMAZING now (probably because she's running her tail off and can never finish a meal). Your thin figure will return. In the meantime, stay healthy and stick to some light exercise (walking and yoga).


HEATHER - February 7

Looks like there is just a few of us lol!!! well my last preg, I didnt exercise at all cause I had bleeding issues I was afraid to exercise and I had gained 49lbs. It was hard to lose it too! I still had some to go when I got preg 9 months later....



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