What Goes Into Your Quot Hospital Bag Quot

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Maddie - April 27

Hey everyone. Just curious, what are the items I need to gather together for my hospital bag? My hair gets REALLY oily if I don't wash it everyday...and I'm gonna have TONS of family members in there taking pictures, and giving hugs, and GAWKING at me! (My mom said she'd make sure to help me apply my make-up when I wanted it) =0) *Superficial much?? *


Stephanie - April 28

Hey, i was also wondering what to take to the hospital, just a suggestion, instead of washing your hair everyday while in the hospital try putting a little baby powder in it, it will appear to dry the oil so you will be able to go the day without feeling like a pot of grease! That is what I do now because it is too hard to dry my hair.


Toya - April 28

Yesterday I went to the store and bought a lot of travel toiletries to put in my bag...I bought my own pads...I am also taking a bunch of cotton underwear, 2 pajamas, socks, slippers, 1 robe, a going home outfit for me, a camera, a CD, cards, focal point photos, and that's about it...for the baby's bag...just a going home outfit...


Kara - April 28

My hospital gives you their granny underwear to wear. I figure that is what I am going to do because they will just be ruined and you will have to throw them away anyway. I got a list from my cla__s. It includes a long robe, Thick sox, (I guess you can get really cold feet during labor) cotton gown or T-shirt if you want to wear your own, Magazines, mouthwash (to help having a dry mouth from all the breathing), a nursing gown, 2 nursing bras and nursing pads, 3underwear, toiletries including soap, Pads, cds, camera and film, Cell phone, chap stick!, suckers or lifesavers (to help prevent nausia), veg oil (for messages without red marks), I am bringing a swim suit top for the tub so I don't feel like I am hanging out all over. A going home outfit for you (you will be approx the size you were at six months) and a going home outfit for baby. And don't forget the carseat. You cannot go home without one. Some hospitals will sell you them, but you need to check. Your coach may need, extra clothes, change for vending machines, a list of phone numbers for all the people you need to call to tell the news.


Hello - April 28

BREATH MINTS! Someone is going to need them. Also put someone in charge of collecting your things if recovery is in another room. I lost my baby's footprints this way :(


Hello again - April 28

My tips only apply if you're a slowpoke. I was in labor for about 23hrs before baby made an appearance. I still can't believe it, to me, it seems like I was in labor just a few hours.


Kymmi - April 28

Well, from my experiences, you don't want to pack TOO much stuff,,,, remember, you've got to pack it all up and bring it home! I would take the "necessities": An outfit to go home in, a robe and nightie to wear in the hospital, along with some socks and slippers. You may choose to bring your own undies and pads (completely optional), but they do provide those in the hospital. Bring something to tie your hair back with (if you have longer hair). Bring a SMALL amount of make-up, brush, toothbrush, GUM or BREATHMINTS (A MUST), And be sure to have a camera and some extra cash for your partner to hit the vending machines or get some food. As far as baby, I packed a onesie, a sleeper, an outfit for pictures, a receiving blanket and a soft cotton blanket. Oh yeah, and his hat and shoes (to match his clothes). And that was it.


Kymmi - April 28

I almost forgot,,,,,, don't forget to put your insurance card and a list of names w/ numbers of people you want to notify when you get to the hospital (your partner or someone else can make the calls for you).


Katharine - April 29

I read a great comment in one of those baby magazines recently. It said that no matter how much pain you're in, you'll certainly want to touch up your make-up before the delivery, so you'll look ok in the pictures. That was certainly written by someone who has NOT had a baby!!! Last time I took three bags and a pillow and didn't use hardly any of it. The hospital gives you nearly everything necessary (make sure they give you your dermoplast and tuck's) and I didn't get a chance to use any of the neat labor things I had collected (music, ma__sage things, activities) as I was in active labor when I arrived. This time, I'll have basic toiletries, fat-clothes for going home, some sort of jammies that actually cover my top for when people come to visit but allow nursing, a bottle of champagne, outfit for baby, and camera. I like Kara's suggestion for a swimsuit top for the tub.



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