What Happens After Due Date Comes And Goes

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Leslie - February 6

Just a question I'm hoping some of you second time Moms can answer. If you make it to your due date does the doctor automatically schedule induction? Or do you have to go two weeks post term first? Or does it depend on your dialation/effacement numbers, etc? I'm only 37 weeks but am just wondering what the procedures are! Thanks!


Erin - February 6

I think it just depends on the doctor.. mine says I'll have an appointment exactly 1 week after my due date if I'm still preggo.. then the next day they'll have me come in for a nonstress test and schedule an induction based on the results of that


mel - February 6

it completely depends on your doctor and your individual circ_mstances. at your next appointment, be sure to ask him what his standard procedure is for when a woman goes over her due date and make sure it matches up to the way you would like things to happen, if it is possible.


Beth - February 6

I agree w/ the other ladies. I was due Friday (the 3rd) and nothing. At my drs appt he just said okay see ya next week! I am the one who brought up induction and the baby size. So he scheduled a u/s for tomorrow and said we would discuss induction on Friday....which would be one week late. I wish I would have discussed this a long time ago with him to see what his policys were. So its never to early to discuss things like this w/ your dr.


jessb - February 6

You really have to ask. At 36 weeks I asked how big my baby was. They though pretty big so they schedule an ultrasound for last week. I was a 1 1/2 centimeters dilated and 80% effaced and the baby was a good size so they decided to induce me this week-tomorrow actually!!!!!!!!!! I will be 39 weeks so it is one week early. They probably wouldnt have done anything. I just brought it up b/c my stomach is huge and big babies run in my husbands family. Plus I complained about how bad my swelling was and the doctors took pity on me b/c it was Really bad.


Ba8y6irl - February 6

my friend waited 2 weeks and her doctor was going to make her wait longer cuz he's old fashion and doesn't believe in induction unless the baby was in stress. He even went on holidays after her due date!! She said she'll never go back to him. Her daughter finally got the point that mommy was uncomfortable and decided to come out 2 weeks after she was due... her original due date was October 31 and then they pushed it back to the 4th of Nov. and she ended up being born on the 19th of November... no induction


Ba8y6irl - February 6

sorry I got my dates wrong... she was due earlier than the 31st then they pushed it back to the 31st and she was born on the 14th not the 19th...



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