What Has Been Your Craziest Craving

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xoxticiaxox - March 8

What have you craved during your pregnancy, that you would never have on a normal day? Mine was a glass bottle....I just kept wanting to eat it...I didnt of course...but now I eat ice cubes instead...they take the craving away!


excited2bemama - March 8

Hmm - I have had lots of weird cravings- lately its watered down plain yogurt. I mix ice water, ice cubes and plain yogurt in a blender and it makes like a Keifer.. its sour and bland and tastes good- at least its healthy- lots of calcium and protein


misschrissie - March 8

I crave Dairy Queen cherry cheesecake blizzards on a daily basis. Thank God there are no Dairy Queen's close to my house or I'd be 500 pounds.


babyonboard16 - March 8

lol a burrito with lime juice on it...


ConnorsMommy - March 8

the smell of pampers diapers.. lol.. whenever i change my son, i smell the diaper (the clean one..lol) before i put it on him =P .. oh.. and candy.. like starbursts.. chocolate isn't really doin it for me anymore! lol


fallen_angel4155 - March 8

mine is vicks vaporub. i have to smell it all the time. i am always rubbing the stuff up under my nose and around my nostrals


pokerbabej69 - March 9

I cant get enough of the smell of clean laundry... like fresh out of the dryer with the smell of bounce. I cant get enough of it!


missycc4 - March 9

Laundry soap, bleach, fabic softer, and I can't get enough ice. I'm always chewing on it. I never did be4 I got pregnant because its bad for your teeth. I hope I'll stop after the baby. BIG DAY is Tuesday.


sahmof3 - March 9

I couldn't get enough of the smell of new carpet when I was pregnant with my 3rd. It made me want to eat it, which of course, I didn't. I also ate a lot of ice when I was pregnant with my boys, but they were both born in July lol. My friend from church, who had never even tried smoking, said she craved cigarettes LOL.


michelleodell - March 9

Throughout my pg I have craved salty foods. My favorite thing to eat is Dorittos. One morning while I was in the shower I had a tremendous craving for Dorittos w/ kraut so that is what I ate for lunch at work. My co-workers were grossed out of course! Now I crave frozen fruit and eat it just about every morning. I still have to have my Dorittos fix. (Thank goodness, minus the kraut!)


Faye84 - March 9

Mashed Potatoes for me!


ophelia73 - March 9

Betty Crocker b___ter cream frosting straight from the jar haas been my worst craving so far...


Kristin11 - March 9

for me it had been ice lately. I cant get enough of it, i put it in milk and everything.


danimarie - March 9

There were about 2 weeks in the 2nd trimester where I couldn't get enough hamburger patties. I have NEVER wanted a double cheeseburger in my life, I like hamburgers but that just seemed like too much meat...but I think I ate 3 or 4 double cheeseburgers in those two weeks along with several other normal hamburger patties....I didn't even care if I had a bun or anything else with it (other than mustard & ketchup). But it had to be in pattie form...LOL! It kinda grosses me out just thinking about it!


Allypants0_1 - March 11

Oh man. During my first and second trimesters I craved seafood like no other. Not fish inperticular, more like smoked eel and jumbo shrimp. Now I'm 35 weeks and I love the smell of laundry detergent, simple green, bleach, dish soap, carpet cleaner. I go nuts for those smells. Especially Tide. Mmmm I love Tide. Also, I've been having the ice cravings. I want to eat ice chips all day. Whenever me and my boyfriend go out I ask to eat the ice out of his water. Hee! These are the pregnancy things that I actually ENJOY! I'll be kind of sad when I don't get all orgasmic while cleaning the house.


excited2bemama - March 11

LOL- I am with you in that love the smell of cleaning products and of laundry- I do too- This is really bad- but we have the glade "clean linen" air freshiner in our bathroom and everytime its sprayed I just love the smell...


Allypants0_1 - March 11

Ooo, yeah. I have those candles. Haha!



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