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ashley - May 26

After looking at another gals question, I am just curious for those of you who have tried to "naturally" induce yourself after the safe time ofcourse, what worked and what didn't? I find it weird that castor oil some ladies sware by it, others say didn't do a thing. Would you recommend trying to move things along for yourself after 37-38 weeks or would you say no way? Just a topic of discussion to pass the time. I am 31 weeks 3 days and am pondering if I will try come 37-38 weeks along. Thanks ladies.


Been There - May 26

I don't know about how things have worked, but be sure you are at least 38 weeks along. I've read that the baby's lungs may not be mature until 37 weeks. Maybe you won't need to do anything and your body will just be ready.


Dia_ - May 26

Hi Ashley, I am about 37.3 weeks along right now and I am 2 cm dialated. My doctor advised me to go home and have lots of s_x and to walk. Apparently, something in sperm helps your cervix soften, so she told me to have as much s_x as possible. Other than that, I am not doing much. Each day seems to be going by quickly so I am sure I will be in labor before I know it...and now that the time has come I am a little apprehensive about jump starting it :)


lindsay - May 26

i will have my first internal on tues at my 39 week appointment... i'm pretty much going to wait and see if anything is going on since induction methods only work if your body is ready, so i'm not going to exhaust myself w/ needless trying... i do think i'm going to try to get some of hubby's s____n up "there"... i'm not allowed to have s_x, but i read on an induction website that you could try and manually rub some on or near your cervix... i may also try raz-leaf tea, since i do have braxton hicks off and on, and it is supposed to tone your uterus, possibly making the contractions more productive. on one hand, i don't want to mess w/ it too much because i don't feel i am educated enough to safely be "experimenting" in all of the supposed methods, but on the other, i really don't want pitocin unless necessary... i'll keep you posted. oh, and the only thing keepin gme from walking, walking, walking is the amount that i have been swelling when on my feet... i might ask my dr. about nipple stimulation , but i've heard this can be dangerous and bring on crazy -strong contractions... something tells me i'm just goign to see my dd when she is ready!!!


ashley - May 26

Well I guess I should explain...I was basically induced with my daughter 6 years ago and it sucked. I had a long and painful labor. The pitocin made the contractions too strong and they had to stop it because they were coming to close and to strong. I just want labor to come on its own instead of going late and having to be induced. I may not need to do anything, but I guess I will try some of the obvious. Walking, s_x, spicy foods, etc. Im just curious from people who have done it.



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