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yungmama - May 8

Okay, for the past 11 hours I have been having the worst pains. My back hurts, my stomach is so sore, and (sorry if TMI) I have been feeling like I need to have a bowel movement but everytime I try to go to the bathroom nothing but more pain. Is this normal? I think I have been having some bh contractions but I'm not sure. I don't want to call the doctor, but I am so uncomfortable right now I cannot take it. Nothing is making me feel better. If I lean forward my back hurts more and if I lean back to relax my stomach hurts more. Has anyone experienced anything like this?


Steph - May 8

How far along are you?


yungmama - May 8

I am 39 weeks today.


Nora1 - May 8

I personally would call the dr. I've heard that sometimes before labor you'll feel like you have to go to the bathroom. Since you are far along enough, it is likely that it COULD be labor... Good luck!


angelbebe - May 8

I have been having the same thing, but maybe not as bad. My stomach is totally sore. I am 37 weeks and she has been moving like crazy! I feel lots of pressure "down there" and it makes me feel like I need to have a bowel mov't often, although I have been like all day. Very uncomfortable. I don't really have any pain in my back though. I've also been having BH's like every 20-30 minutes. Since you are 39 weeks, I don't know...I think blood is really the red flag in terms of needing to call your doctor. I don't know. Do you know if you are dialating, effacing, and whether or not your baby has dropped? I just know since my baby dropped I have been feeling more pain and pressure. Now, I just feel down right lousy!! I hope you feel better!


San - May 8

Yes, call the doctor. Even if it turns out to be nothing, at least you won't be worried about it! GL!!


HH - May 8

I'd say you are probably in labour! Since you are 39 weeks and having pain in your back AND stomach, these are enough signs that you could be having real contractions and are in labour. All the best to you. Let us know if you can what's going on.


Steph - May 8

I had the exact same feeling the day I went into labor, even though it lasted for only fifteen minutes or so, it felt like I had diarahhea (tmi). ( I had a really fasy labor). Anyways, I'd take it easy for the rest of the day and see if you get any worse. Make sure that someone's close by to drive you to the hospital if need be! Good luck to you!


yungmama - May 8

As of last Wednesday I was not effaced or dialated at all. He did drop a few weeks ago. The only thing that is keeping me from thinking that it is labor is that it is more of a constant pain and doesn't come and go. And as much as it hurts it does not seem like it hurts enough to be labor. My doctors can be very rude and I don't want to call them so they can make me feel stupid when it is nothing. Because they have made me feel this way a few times before.


AML - May 8

Just go into the emergency room and they will send you to labor and delivery....tell them everything you just told us.....it wont hurt!


Steph - May 8

If you are able to talk through your pains, you are probably in very early labor and there is no reason to go to the hospital. You may want to call your doc's office and tell them what is going on with you and ask them if you should come in and see them, or wait a bit longer and see what happens. Good luck to ya hun, and don't let the doctors or nurses be rude to you!!


Drew - May 8

Yup, I'm right there with you!! I'm a week over-due and have had this feeling off (but more often) on for the last couple weeks. I was told it's mostly how the baby is laying....the head is probably down real low putting pressure on things, thus making you feel like you have to poop all the time when you really don't. If the pain becomes contraction like....where it lasts for a miniute or more and goes away then returns again at a regular rate, then it's likely labor. If it's getting to the point where you feel like you can't handle it, go to ldr and get them to check you. Maybe they can give you something to ease the pain a little. Hang in there. I know it's uncomfortable, I'm right there with you.


Tye - May 8

I have been having the exact same thing!!I have been feeling like I have to poop razor blades for a couple weeks now. I'm currently 38wks and 3 days. I know - it is so uncomfortable! Ever since the baby moved down I have been getting those bowl pains. They reallly hurt! I find that the only way I feel comfortable is sitting in a recliner with my legs up. And sometimes just drinking a large gla__s of water helps that pain subside whe its happening. Good luck-it won't be long now!



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