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Lena. - December 3

Hi girls. Does anyone know what all of this might mean? I am 38 weeks and 3 days. And for the past week I've been having really strong BH, they sometimes feel like bad cramps, and sometimes like gas, it hurts really bad. I had my internal yesterday morning, and my doc said I'm 1cm dilated, and the baby is at -3, so she is still not engaged. After my appointment I was having cramps all day. And then at night I started feeling nauseaus. I was crying because the nausea was soooo bad, but I wouldn't throw up. I know this is gross, but I finally started throwing up, AND having diarhea all at the same time. After that I was having contractions allll night, and today I still feel nauseaus and don't want to eat ANYTHING. I haven't had nausea since first trimester...so does all this mean that labor is near? Or am I just overly excited and want it to begin so bad that I'm making a big deal out of it? I just don't even know anymore, my head already feels like an air bubble...


Stephanie - December 3

Well, labor could come on any day now, so it could be that. Or, it could be a tummy bug. I'm almost 41 weeks now, and for the past two+ weeks have been dialted at 2cm and 80% effaced, with the cramping and strong BH's too. Getting induced on Wednesday.


c - December 5

my childbirth cla__s instructor said that sometimes before labor starts you may have diarhea and vomiting it is mother nature's way of "cleaning out your system" before the baby comes. good luck!!


April - December 5

Lena have you lost your mucus plug or had any bleeding? I ask because I'm in the same boat - super painful cramps, and loose stool....but no plug or bleeding. I am just afraid I would get to the hospital and find out it's just gas. But it really hurts! If it is just gas, I must say, I am having a very difficult time relieving it.


April - December 5

Oh also, can you still feel your baby moving? Mine is still moving quite a bit, which again makes me think, it's probably just gas.....oh who knows.


Lena - December 5

April, I'm in the same boat...no mucus plug or anything...and my vomiting/diarhea thing only lasted one day, so I'm starting to think that Stephanie is right about the whole tummy bug. I get loose stools though still, but then the next day I'd be constipated again :( But I've been having those terrible "gas" pains. I read and it said contractions might feel like gas. But I've also had painless ones, period like ones, and so on...and they all feel different! My baby is moving, but not as much as I'm used to...I was freaking out for a while, but my doc didn't seem concerned. And when I would have a contraction, my stomache looks square on top, and hurts like it's about to burst.


MC - December 5

Hi Lena, I had my son on Wednesday November 9th. On that Saturday prior ( nov. 5th) I woke feeling really yucky- like my stomach hurt and I was very nauseous. I felt very light headed and even felt as though iI couldnt catch my breath. I also had 3 loose stools and half an between each. This all lasted until about 3:00. ( so about 9 hrs.) I just laid on the couch all day until I felt better. Low and behold 2:30am on the 9th my water broke. So it could be your body getting ready!!! Good Luck!!


MC - December 5

Lena, also another thing- my baby wasnt moving that much that day either. But this is also time for the baby to get his/her rest for the big day. They too go through alot. :-)



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