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inuk-mama - October 5

I'm 34 weeks today and last night I had the worst back pain! It was really really bad. DH is sick with stomach flu but he gave me a back massage. I had a really hard time sleeping last night, very uncomfortable, back hurt, headache coming on. This morning I felt alright except for some trouble walking because baby dropped a lot yesterday. NOw I'm at work, I've had my breakfast, same thing as every day, and I feel horrible!!! Like I'm going to be sick and my head is feeling a little fuzzy. I still have a hard time walking and it takes me forever to get places right now! Also, when I talk, I feel worse which is no good since my job is all about talking!!!! What should I do??? Sound like the stomach flu, or something else? lol I get a little excited once there is only a few weeks left and any little thing I think could be labor! Has any one else felt like this though? I really don't want to get the stomach flu!!!!!!!! Sorry for the long post!


Pearl - October 5

As much as it sucks, it could be the stomach flu?...Or it could be the signs that labor is around the corner. I am having the same problem. I was put on bed rest on Tuesday so I had to quit working early and take up daytime TV..lol I am 35w6d and not sure what is going to happen from here on out. I see my doctor on Monday at 3pm and he will decide if I should deliver early or stay on bed rest. Last night I couldn't shake the back ache I had. I'm sure it was just being on the couch and in bed for 2 days, but it was bad. My husband wanted me to call my doctor, but he was just really worried. Things have calmed down a little today, but I still have a dull back ache and I feel as if someone is churning b___ter in my stomach. It's uncomfortable, but i am sure it just means the labor is just a few weeks/days away.... Hope you feel better. Hope it's not the flu.


claire83 - October 5

im having backache terrible just the last few days im 35weeks on monday but ive been going mad ironing all day and sorting out things but i also found sitting or laying funny can give me bad backache for days



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