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star_eyes - November 29

For those of you who've already had your babies, what was it like when you brought your baby home for the first time? Was it scary? Was it what you were expecting? Was it more work than you had anticipated? I'm not sure if my husband and I are just overly confident or what but we have told the family that we don't want any visitors at our house for the first week because we really want to enjoy learning how to be parents on our own for a few days before we are bombarded with guests. Is this crazy?


josie4 - November 29

Well, I had my baby at home, so no bringing him home for the first time! You are not crazy for saying no guests for a week. I told my MIL two weeks and she decided to come four days after he was born. (She simply informed us she was coming.) I was so furious and it was very stressful. Stick to your guns. If you don't want people over for a week, don't let them come.


AmberNicole - November 29

With my DS, I personally welcomed the company if they wanted to help out! I didn't care for random people just stopping over because I was trying to nap when the baby did. It happens, it just shows people care:) It was scary for me to bring him home, I sat him down in his car seat and didn't know quite what to do with him after that. There is so much anticipation, and then the moment is there, then you're like "ok now what?" :)


Zeke - November 29

My mom came over the day we got home from the hospital, but she wasn't overbearing at all about the baby. It was more to take care of "her baby" - me. She cooked dinner for us and made sure the fridge was stocked. We were pretty confident too. Everyone I knew kept saying "oh my gosh your mom's not coming to stay with you for the first two weeks - you'll never be able to manage". The first night was a little stressful for us, but between dh and I we handled it, and every day it got a little easier and more familiar. You guys can do it too - have faith in yourselves.


Kspa - December 3

It was pretty easy for me in the beginning, looking back. I was running on adreneline and didn't need a lot of sleep. I was very excited and hyper focused on the baby. It was strange how everything came naturally (mothering) - and I didn't have really any previous experience w/ babies. Some people like to have help. My mother in law was more in the way and didn't help me.


star_eyes - December 3

It sounds pretty unanimous that we should be just fine on our own and that this will be a great bonding experience between my husband, our new baby and myself. I'm a pretty independent person and really don't like to get help from other people very often so I think that I'd probably feel like Kspa in that people who were there to "help" would be more or less in my way! Thanks for sharing ladies!


HeavenisMine - December 3

I had a few guests here and there. I think mostly I just felt a bit sad, and had moments of sobbing where I actually missed being pregnant, and then moments where I'd freak and ask myself "can I really do this?". I told myself to recognize all of those feelings for what they were though, postpartum blues, some anxiety from lack of sleep, and tell myself it was going to be fine, I just had to keep my att_tude on track. After some time though it just becomes amazingly neat!


Jilloh - December 3

My DS was born on a Monday evening (he is now 20 months old) and the hospital I delivered at was an hour or so away from my hometown at the time. Most of my friends were college age and still in school. I didn't want them driving up to see me when I would be home in a few days anyway. My husband and I allowed our two best friends to make the drive and of course my parents (hubby's parents were 9 + hours away and had plane tickets for the weekend to come up). I really just didn't want visitors. For the most part except our two best friends and the grandparents (and a short visit from my older brother & his family) people stayed away for a week or so. It was so nice. Your're not crazy for wanting that time away from people prying into your life besides all you want to do is meet the new one, take care of yourself, and everyone involved to get some much needed rest!


Heather - December 3

I welcomed my mom with open arms when I brought my son home. She helped with the cooking, cleaning, and laundry... the things that need to get done but are hard to do while you are focusing on baby. You have to take the advice of sleep when baby sleeps those first few weeks and the help of just one person to keep up with the everyday things helps more than you realize.


star_eyes - December 4

Heather, I wish my mom were actually living near me. She lives in another state so unfortunately I won't have that option. However, my MIL does live near me but I'm not really all that close with her. Not close enough to feel comfortable with her cleaning my house and doing my laundry. Plus, I think she'd be more interested in caring for the baby than cleaning my house! I'm not really ready to just let someone care for my baby besides my husband. This is my first so I think I'll be a little overprotective at first.



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