What Is The Internal Exam Like

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Cheryl - January 19

I'm 36 weeks and am gonna have my first internal exam soon. She said it would be uncomfortable. Can anyone tell me what it was like? Thank you..:)


mel - January 19

it's like a pap, only they don't pop you open with that little doo-hicky and they mash around on your cervix a bit more rather than just sc___ping a piece of it. it's uncomfortable....but not painful. or at least it wasn't for me.


Rachel.R - January 19

Hey Cheryl.. im 40 weeks + 4 days, and only had my first internal on wednesday. Nothings happening for me.. d__n. My internal wasnt bad, it was uncomfy, but it didnt hurt. Its nothing to be worried about at all.. Im sure labour will be MUCH worse.


jb - January 19

I got my first internal last week at 35 weeks. They just put their fingers inside of you and feel around for your cervix. They have to press pretty hard and it hurts a little, but its really not that bad. Its over quick. I was scared at first, but like I said its really nothing mostly just pressure and discomfort. BTW, at my 35 and 36 week check up my cervix was thick and tightly closed. DAMN!!!


Bonnie - January 19

I think it's a lot easier than the pap. For me the pap hurts from that shoe-horn thing they shove up you. Ouch! It's cold and I am just never relaxed enough for it, lol. s said above, the internal is just fingers, but once they get up there they shove up pretty hard so it does get uncomfortable (I always feel like I should ask doc for a smoke after :P (not that I smoke, lol)). As Mel said, it's uncomfortable, but not painful....and it's over pretty fast. I actually look forward to these visits so I can see how far along I am.


Angela in California - January 19

it's basically a pelvic exam where the doc puts his/her hand in and feels around your cervix. It hurt quite a bit i guess because everything is very sensitive in there right now. My OB said the discomfort is normal.


shelly - January 19

Angela, when I first glanced at your post I thought it said the doc puts his hands and feet on your cervix!! I thought it was funny, thought i would share...



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