What Is This Feeling Does Anyone Know

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Elizabeth - October 30

I have had the strangest feeling in my pubic area for the last week or so, I am 35 weeks and my pubic area feels almost sore. It actually feels the way it did when I first had s_x, that sore feeling like my pubic bone is bruised or something. Does this make any sense? My labia and exterior area feels fine it just a strange pressure feeling, It can't be the babys head already can it? If anyone has a guess? Thank you.


jw - October 31

it could definitely be your baby already, dropping. but if it's more of a strong pressure, that can be a sign of pre-mature labor. i would think that your baby has just been moving around/getting settled more than normal because at 35 weeks it should be settling into your pelvis to get ready for delivery.


ASA - October 31

I agree with jw. If you are really concerned you should call your doctor. This is number 3 for me and that sounds about right for the baby dropping into position.


michelle - October 31

i also feel brusied on my pelvic bone, i think it is normal, i'm 36 weeks.


Alissa - October 31

I think the farthur along you get the more pressue and pain you will have that just you body getting ready


Michelle - October 31

Yea its normal. Just the baby has more than likely dropped. I am only 27 weeks and already feel the pressure and feel like my pubic bone is bruised. It sucks!


Dani - October 31

I feel this pain too, I asked my Dr. On friday she said it is the baby putting pressure on your pelvic bone. I am 30 wks and my lil one is floating upside down but getting ready . He hasnt totally gotten positioned yet and can still flip but it should be between 32-36 wks that he drops and stays down. isnt a wonderful feeling..LOL


YC - October 31

Oh Elizabeth, I feel your pain. You described exactly what I am feeling. I am fine while sitting but when I get up after maybe an hour at my desk it hurts sooo bad. I am sorry we are all experiencing this but glad to hear that it's normal. 7 weeks to go.... I wonder how bad it gets at the end????


RG - October 31

I used to come here all the time and stopped because of just being busy at work....I came back today to ask Elizabeth's question. I'm a little over 38 weeks...the baby is head down and I'm 50% effaced with first child. Over the past week...I get this sore feeling down there, almost like I've walked about 15 miles uphill and all those muscles are really really sore. Sitting is fine, standing and walking, ouch. Sometimes I feel like I have to push my legs forward to walk because she is so low. I was fortuniate that I didn't get this to around 37 weeks, but it doesn't get better, but you tolerate it more as you go. I just feel sore. In about 2 weeks it will all be worth it!


Steph - October 31

I am having the same pains all the time - everyday they get a little stronger. Last week when I told my doc about them he checked me and said the baby had moved down alot - he could feel her head - so that's what all the pressure is about. She is pushing down on my pelvic bone now getting ready to come into the world! :) Good Luck - oh and I am 36 1/2 weeks


Elizabeth - October 31

Thank you all for responding, I had an idea it might be the baby getting into position, but it seems early, maybe I am in denial that it is just around the corner! It seems so crazy that we carry these gifts in our bodies and just when we start to adjust to all of the changes and become more comfortable with our bodies, out they come to start a whole new story. I have to admit I am going to miss being pregnant and having my baby all safe and snug with me all the time, crazy I know.


Melissa - November 1

Another cause could be the symphisis pubis - the spongy tissue that is between the seperation of the pelvic bone on the front (the center of the pubic bone - right above the "part" of the labia). During pregnancy a hormone is released to help all of our joints and ligaments relax so that birth is possible. This cause that spongy area to relax also so the pelvis can seperate for birth and allow for the pa__sage of the baby. I have noticed this too, especially after sitting for a while!


J - November 1

I have the same feeling, but I haven't thought much about it until I read this. I just thought was from doing too much, b/c we just moved and we just painted the babies room but I get this sore feeling around that area and it's almost hard to walk.



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