What Is This Feeling In My Stomach

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meg - June 27

I will be 30 weeks on Thursday & for the past few weeks, when I walk, my stomach gets very hard & tight...it's very uncomfortable! Normally the tightness only lasts a few minutes & then goes away, but the past few days it is there pretty much the entire time that I am walking. I love walking & don't want to stop. What is this tightness? Is there anything I can do to ease it up a bit? Should I be worried? Thanks!


stormy - June 27

id say it could be braxton hicks or its just ur stomach muscles tensing up from the walking.. take it easy and see ur dr if ur really concerned


ARD - June 27

Sounds like Braxton Hicks contractions (false contractions)....they don't usually hurt, but cause a tightening of your belly off and on and can be uncomfortable. Nothing to worry about....I've heard to just drink lots of water to ease it up!


Danielle19 - June 27

i know what you mean by it feels like it never lessens up i got that to wheni walked i noticed it the most at night and after i ate its just cauae the babies getting so big


Atarahsmommy - June 27

its actually a good thing, it is your body's way of gettting things ready for delivery, without as much pain as real contractions of delivery, so just know your body is working and getting ready to bring your beautiful baby into the world


falafal0 - June 27

These are braxton hicks contractions - I've gotten them with all of my pregancies and with this one, 32 weeks along, my fourth, they are really getting to me. I too get them more when I walk,so much so that I have to stop because my belly is so tight and uncomfortable that I can't walk properly. As atarahsmommy said, it is a good thing. You're uterus actually contracts throught pregnancy but is not always felt by some women. My labours have been quicker each time I've delivered, with the BH starting earlier on in each pg and getting stronger as time went on. My last labor was 45 minutes! Wonder what will happen this time around? Just take it easy when they do happen, and if they start becoming regular, you should see your doctor because they can turn into the real contractions if your body is ready closer to delivery...seen too many women go through it to mess arond with them!


Tanna - June 27

Funny I read this today. I was walking to a local ball park this evening with my two kids, and at 32 weeks pg I noticed that walking made my tummy ball up all tight and uncomfy-like. Now, like I said, I have already had two, and I don't recall the braxton hicks being more noticable when I walked with them, but I do think that is what it feels like for sure. It got me re-thinking the whole idea I had about taking my other two to the zoo this summer before I deliver, I'll say that! I don't think I would last two hours walking around!


letgo0527 - June 28

I get the same thing sometimes. Its probably either braxton hicks contractions or it could just be the baby balling up. I know my baby tends to curl up into a ball when I go for walks.


littlemama1022 - June 28

It sounds like Braxton Hicks contractions to me.


JESS1980 - June 28

Hi Meg. I am 33 weeks and I had EXACTLY this same problem last weeks, so I called my doctor. She said it was just muscles tensing and more ligament stretching. I walk a lot, and last week my stomach got so painful that it was hard to finish. I've gotten this pain a couple of times before while walking, but my doctor said that it was not Braxton Hicks b/c the pain was not consistent. It was just one long pain that stopped when I sat down. She said BH would feel more like real contractions at semi-regular intervals. The doc also gave me two pieces of advice that really helped. 1: drink plenty of water throughout the day. 2: Don't take long walks outside during the day if it's really hot......walk either in the early morning or late evening. I've tried both and they have really helped! Good Luck!


sarah jane rogers - June 28

i agree. BH should be more like quick sharp pains. When i walk i feel a heaviness and it gets sooo tight. It wears off throughout the night. It is just muscles stretches


christa0120 - June 29

perhaps rt a pregnancy girdle or belt. The weight of your belly is probably causing it


carol23 - June 29

sooooooo that's what it is!!!!!!! I'm 30 weeks and just recently, I feel my stomach get tighter but it only happens when I walk. And here I was thinking braxton hicks felt like something else. I never thought I would feel them . COOL!



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