What Is Your Blood Pressure When At The Doctors

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Jenn2 - June 10

I was just wondering what other ladies blood pressure readings have typically been here towards the end of pregnancy? Mine has always been great never going above 120/80.....usually lower than that. However, when I went to the doctor the other day it read 130/80. I know that is not considered really high, and the doctor did not even say anything to me about it, but I am just not used to my blood pressure being that high. I was just curious as to what other womens readings were??


miraclebaby - June 10

Mine is usually 110/80, but I did have one appt. it was 130/90 and they said it was raised and then when I went back again it was 110/80, my doc. said it can change a little just as long as it does not get too high, that is probably why he did not say anything to you. I also heard that the bottom number is the one to really worry about more so than the top. Not sure if its true, but that is what I heard. Good luck to you.


SuzieQ - June 10

I'm not sure of my numbers, but at my last appt when my doc too my bp, he said it was slightly higher than my 'normal' bp and not to worry about it as most women's blood pressure increases a bit during pregnancy.


dee23 - June 10

mines usually all over the shop...in order: 21wks 80/60, 25wks 110/70, 30wks 100/60, 32wks 110/60, 34wks 120/70, dont worry. if the docs are worried they will tell you.


Erynn21 - June 10

Mine is usually 110/70 or 120/80, @ my appt before this week I had 130/80 it really freaked me out, but it was because the nurse used a small cuff on me, and I have pretty muscular arms, she had to take it twice. When my doc. came in she was like did the nurse use this cuff and I said yes, she was just like this is too small for your arms. Got another cuff and it read 110/70. I have a friend who is a nurse and she explained it has to do w/ the cuff, if it's too small your bp will be high, too large it will be low. So that's a bit of advice for all of us, who may have it register weird. hope this helps.


Brittany - June 10

I'm 36 weeks and since the very begining of my pregnancy, my blood pressure has been 90/50...very low. I had my appt. yesterday and it's still 90/50. It's stayed this way for the longest time.


ashley - June 10

Mine has been between 108/68-130/80 its varied.


mommie2be - June 10

When I went through some bad depression last year (due to miscarriage) I was 145/90. Now that I'm pregnant- It's returned to it's low state of 100/70-115/75. You're still in good condition and it's to be expected different- all of our bodies are under extra physical stress.


mrsfiveday - June 11

mine has been 130/70 most of my pregnancy but the last reading was my lowest of 120 /80. When it was in the higher range my dr would tell me to watch for swelling, headaches and visual disturbances.


Tanna - June 11

Also they not only watch for how high the numbers are, but how much of a difference there is between what is normal for you and any variance what-so-ever in your bp.


fefer1 - June 13

MIne has been 90/60 before and during pregnancy. Only once did it get high, 112/70...but that's because I was at the hospital thinking I was having a miscarriage! I do recall hearing that pregnant women's BP tends to increase but like everyone has said, it's nothing to worry about if the doctor isn't.


GraphxGirl - June 13

My blood pressure is usually up a bit when I first get to my appointment and then is back down again before I leave. I have had anxiety disorder for years and I am very nervous when I go to the doctors, dentist or hospital. Call it " white coat syndrome " scared of anyone with that white coat on lol...


tryingx3 - June 13

Jenn2 - mine did the same...120/80 like clock work until my last 2 appts (okay 1 week apart). Could have been some anxiety, but they still said it was fine at 130/80.


Rebekah B - June 14

this week it was 94/56. It has never been higer than that and has gone as low as 80/50 when I was 1st trimester, but I was dizzy more often then



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