What Kind Of Exercise Are You Getting Right Now

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Bree - November 11

I've been power walking for the past month, usually about a mile to a mile and a half. What sort of exercise is everyone doing right now? I feel like I should be doing more. Sometimes I overdo it w/the walking, though, and get some bh contractions and pelvic pain before I'm done and have to slow down a little. I don't want to be a cow!


Erin - November 11

I'm still doing aerobics, yoga, Pilates and some light weights. I'm 36 wks. I sometimes get contractions while working out too, so I think it might be time to slow down. I'm just starting to be very aware of how much weight I will have to lose!


Sarah D - November 11

I'm too wiped out to do much...I am busy walking around shopping and that takes all my energy especially the large stores with concrete floors...Home depot, Sam's club etc. I do try to do a little stretching as well. I am 32 weeks. I used to be a size 2 and have gained 43 lbs already. I know I will lose the weight after pregnancy at some point. Pregnancy has made me a lot less vain which is a good thing. Last time I went to the OBand after they took my weight my husband asked the nurse if he could get his sympathy weight measured. Sure enough she took his weight and he has gained as well!!! (not exactly 43lbs though!)


Chrisy - November 11

I am 30 weeks and I do Yoga and go to the gym to do the cross trainer for 10min and the tread mill for 7 to 10. I do arm weights at home. Some weeks I am too tired and other I am not. I try to do it as reguarly as possible. I have heard it's easier to lose if you exersize. HOpefully it works out. My stomach usually gets really tight when I work out though and I have to stop.


Jean - November 11

I do yoga 2 times per week, walk a minimum of 15 minutes per day and do aerobics once a week. As soon as I feel pressure I stop -- just don't want to feel like a slug!


kaitlin - November 24

We usually go for a half-hour walk 3-4 times a week (weather permitting). If we don't go for a walk, we use our home gym downstairs, and I'll do 10-15 minutes slow cycling, and 10-15 minutes on the eliptical machine, and one or two sets of hand-weight exercises. However, the more I do weights, the heavier I am, and even though I look better, I feel worse at the doctor weigh-ins! It's so unhealthy, but I'm actually cutting back for that reason (still vain...)


None - November 24

None....whatever though. I am too tired to do much and I have not gained more weight than I should. I feel perfectly fine without working out.


Annette - November 25

I exercise 5 days a week; cardio training (walking at 4mph, stepmaster, ellypticall machine) for 50-55 minutes and weights for 15 mins. 28 weeks pregnant and already gained 18 pounds. Sounds like a lot, IT IS A LOT! but at least the weight is not in my b___t and thighs, only in my HUGE belly. I found that drinking enough water while exercising might help the contractions.


chrisy - November 26

You are lucky you can keep working out!! My work out were shot down by the doctor because after 5 minutes I would get braxton hicks even if I drank water, I felt like falling over. I am only 32 weeks and I am not that big. I will really have to work hard after the pregnancy, I am ready to run again!!


me again chrisy - November 26

oh ya, I will go grocery shopping and get them right away!!!


Stephanie - November 26

I was very good about walking and swimming (during the summer obviously) during my pregnancy, but now my feet just swell way too much. Even with drinking a lot of water and elevating them. So I cut way back, because none of my shoes fit comfortably anymore. Now that I'm due in two days, I am doing a lot of walking up and down stairs to hopefully move things along. I can't wait to start working out again though.



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