What Name Do You Like Better

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Renea - January 27

Just wanting some feedback. We are having a boy in March. We have narrowed it down to 2 names, both are family names-they were both a first and middle name of an uncle who was killed in Vietnam and also my older brother who died at 5 months due to SIDS. So wanting some feedback on which you like better-since we already have a different middle name picked out can only pick one. Connley or Dell?


Noelle - January 27

I like Connely, I dont think I've ever heard it (im 18) and its a very cute and strong boys name in my opinion. Good luck!


mel - January 27

I like Connely....very strong sounding. I actually really like Dell, too. but in today's computer age....I can see a lot of teasing resulting from that name. but like I always say, ANY name can be made fun of if you're creative enough. so don't let that be a deciding factor!


Lisastar9 - January 27

Connley is first for me but if you pick Dell it remends me of a computer.


Rachel - January 27

My vote is for Connley as well, but I always like the Irish sounding names :) It means "Hero" in Gaelic btw, but you probably knew that.


Lisastar9 - January 27

Renea... I helped you so can you help me in return on your opinion,my thread is called...Help me with this name decision...Thanks


anita - January 27

i like Connley. Dell makes me think of the computer.


Gem - January 27

I prefer Connley as a first name.


Samantha - January 28

I like Connley better


Maggie - January 28

Renea! hey girl, how are you?(Its Maggie from the signs of pregnancy forum). OMG I can't believe that our babies will be here soon. This week marks 37 weeks for me, so I'll be officially full-term, YAY! I can't wait to meet my daughter. I'm all for naming your child after important people in your life. My daughter will be Kathleen Mary, after dh's Mom and my Mom. Being Irish I really like the name Connley, but I really like the way Connley Dell rolls of the tongue. Were you thinking of putting the two names together like that?


Karen - January 29



redhead mary - January 29

I like connley dell together as well...connley would be my first name choice for sure..



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