What Percentage Of Women Have Their Babies Before 40 Weeks

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Jenn2 - May 25

Just curious if anyone knows the stats on that one?


Nora1 - May 25

Actually, I don't know if this is correct or not, but I just got my weekly pregnancy update today and it said that it 60% of women have their babies before 40 weeks. That sounded really high to me though, since I thought that most 1st time moms actually went past their due dates. So, that's my input...not sure if it is accurate or not. This is from Pregnancy Weekly, by the way.


lindsay - May 25

i'm curious to know this too! if any one finds any info , see if it says anything about 1st AND subsequent pregnancies... i tried to find some info, but no stats on this particular question...


JessDT - May 25

i found this web site that has a chart on when babies are born the site is http://www.transitiontoparenthood.com/ttp/birthed/duedatespaper.htm hopefully that helps.


JessDT - May 25

i just noticed something, you have to take the dashes out in order for it to work.


yourtrish - May 25

Wow. That's a great site for information! Thanks for pa__sing the link along!


Jenn2 - May 27

Thanks JessDT for that website.....It is a very good site. According to that about 3.5% of women have their babies (naturally) at 37 weeks; 9.5% have them (naturally) at 38 weeks; 18.5% at 39 weeks, and then I belive it said close to 30 % will have them the 40th week. So, Nora 1 it looks like the 60% is pretty accurate. when you add up those percentages ( and round up)......its close to 60%. anyway, thanks ladies for your input.


miraclebaby - May 27

sure hope I am in the 40% !!!!!


JessDT - May 28

I;m glad that you like the site. i hope i go early too!! everyone says that it looks like i'll go early, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed. i'm due on the 28 of june


letgo0527 - May 28

I was actually just reading something about that today. I read that 60% of all babies are born before their due date. Unfortunately I don't think I will be lucky enough to not go overdue. It seems to happen a lot in my family.



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