What R U Packing For Baby

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mgn - March 12

just wondering what all your bringing to the hospital for baby? i am going to pack my bags soon. i am thinking some warm outfits, a couple onsies, socks, 2 or 3 blankets. i wonder, do we need to bring diapers, wipes, and bottles??? anything else?


ROBYN - March 12

I just had my son 3 weeks ago you dont need diapers, wipes, bottles all that is provided including formula. If you want to bring a cute outfit for the newborn photos they take in the hospital you can if not they will have them just in the hospital shirt. You dont need blankets they will provide you as much as you need obviously pack a take home outift but really you dont need much for the baby its all provided and when you run out they will bring you more. I had a repeat c-section so i was there for 4 days we actually took stuff home with us the little hospital outfit he wore, the blankets, formula, the nose aspirator etc. Dont worry the baby will not go without anything there. If you want to bring clothes to dress him in thats fine i brought several onesies but never put him in anything except the take home outfit and the outfit for his pics. He was wrapped up like a burritto the whole time anyway. Good luck


CgGirl - March 12

I think it depends where you give birth because where I come from, they do not provide anything at all; I'll need to bring everything, including diapers. Your Dr. should be able to give you a list, otherwise, just call the hospital.


beardtl - March 12

My hospital provides everything they even give a b___st pump to take home, but they did say that the tshirts they give the babies are referred to as paper tees...so i will be packing my own tshirts. they provided baby wipes but the are not moistened so i will also bring wipes and a photo outfit and take home outfit. If i give birth in the morning i will be leaving the next morning so i don't plan on being there long- 2 days tops- if everything goes well.


xvkx - March 13

I'm bringing a couple of onesies, some receiving blankets, a swaddler, nail scissors, nail clippers, emery boards, a cap, booties, and a packed diaper bag just in case. And well, a car seat, of course. ;)


xvkx - March 13

Oops, I forgot to add no scratch mittens to that.


fefer1 - March 13

yeah, check with your hospital. Most provide almost everything you need, including nail files and diapers. I had to leave the onesies and swaddling blankets they used but took home everything else. I brought one blanket that was a gift and one outfit for my dd...you really don't need much at all, you're not there very long.



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