What S The Difference Between Midwife Vs Doctor Or Nurse

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crystal74 - January 22

since i've been pregnant i have been seeing a midwife or nurse, not a doctor. she asked me if she could be my primary throughout the pregnancy and i found that she was so nice so i agreed. but now i'm wondering if she knows what she's talking about and really is concerned about my discomforts. what is the difference? can she make the call to have me induced if needed or take me off work if needed?? it's just getting to uncomfortable for me to work anymore and i am so much bigger than other pregnant women who are as far along as i am


chiechie25 - January 23

Where I go to the doctor there is a team of several midwives and one doctor. I have only seen the doctor once my whole pregnancy and I am 38 weeks. A midwife is certified in delivering babies and she could take you off work if needed. As far as being induced I think she would have to okay it with the doctor first. Midwives can do alot of what doctors can do, but some things require the doctor's approval. I like some of the midwives better than my doctor and mine seem to spend more time explaining things and answering your questions. My doctor seems to hurry the appointment and doesn't seem to want to spend alot of time with you.


Tammy276 - January 23

I think midwives work more on a personal level with the person, where as doctors you are "just a patient". Midwives also like to go about things more naturally...no inductions, no epidurals...stuff like that. They are qualified to help you throughout your pregnancy and deliver your child. I"m sure they are concerned about your discomforts, but unfortunately, even most doctors won't take you out of work unless medically necessary. THey will tell you you are free to take off whenever you want, but most won't give you a medical excuse to leave work unless it is necessary and to them, being uncomfortable isn't a good enough reason (trust me, I've tried!!)


KMo311 - January 24

I had a midwife deliver my first two children and i loved it. she was in and out of my room she checked on me all day. It was much more personal.she knew my mom, husband and other family members. she made the decision to induced both my labors. I loved it. i know she had the doctors in the office that she had to answer to here and there but she made most of my decisions. My sister delivered to a doctor, who she saw several different ones in the office. when she delivered she got who was oncall. they didn't show up until the head was crowning. If she didn't have her family with her she would have never had much other human connection beside the nurses that kept changing. My midwife left the practice and now i have to have a doctor. but i would go with a midwife in a heart beat again if i could. i hope that helps at all.



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