What Surprises Can We Look Forward Too We Know Everything

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dee23 - April 13

well, we found out the s_x, we already have a name, and both dh and i have the same features! we boh have brown thin hair, brown eyes, same colour skin, same build type, only he looks alittle german and i look alittle italian, but not much either side! my best mate is expecting and her and her dh look completely different and im so excited to see how there bubbie will turn out.....is there something else we can be surprised with and surprise the family with too?


sphinxminx - April 13

there is still so much to look forward too. hair, personality (believe me they have one) Looks still, my daughter looks like she could belong to my brothers family. No matter unless you a scheduled c-section you won't the day of the birth. There is so much to look forward too does the baby look more like the Daddy's side or does she take after her grandma on mommy's side. Just wait and see that little one is going to surprise you for the rest of your life. By the way congrats on future little bundle.


sphinxminx - April 13

dee I don't want to worry you but I'll tell you what a lady at my docs told me on Tuesday. I had told her my little one wasn't keeping mum about whether it was a boy or girl. She said maybe it is for the best, because she was told at both her 16 week and 24 week sonagram that she was having a girl ended up the biggest surprise when she delivered a baby boy. Lol life is full of little surprises.


^lucy^ - April 13

hi dee,, if u haven't done a 3d u/s then u dont know the features.. even if u and ur husband look so much alike and have similar features she might be like an uncle or aunt.. we have relatives that got their girl so blond like her uncle but unlike her dad and mom.. that's our surprise now cz i have a very white skin color, green/hazel eyes, fair hair.. hubby is white but has darker skin than me, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes.. i keep imagining she'll be blonde but no one knows!! oh and u dont know if she has hair or not so that's a surprise too!! a cute one though :) if she'll cry a lot or be a calm baby who sleeps most of the time.. whether she likes to be in a quite place or a noisy one.. more like a personality thing now :)


Mom2b - April 13

This will be a first time surprise for me too. Althought I have a niece who we all thought would look like her father. Instead, she looks exactly like me. Everyone thinks I'm lying when I tell them she is my neice. It's cool though! I can't wait to she how my little man will turn out. Which hopefully will be within less than 3 weeks!


meme - April 13

Hmm... well, my partner & I both have brown hair & brown eyes, but his dad has blue eyes, and my mom's dad had blue eyes, so even though blue is a recessive gene, nature could surprise us. The birth process itself will be a complete surprise. The feeling you will get when you hold your little one for the first time will be absolute wonderment... no matter what he or she looks like. You'll still marvel over the different physical features your baby has... "oh, he has your nose", "my father's eyes", etc. And bub's personality will like unwrapping a surprise gift as well. You never know what/who he or she will be like.



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