What The Heck Was That

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topper42 - November 9

So I had my membranes swept or whatever it's called on Wednesday and my mucous plug came out yesterday. But today when I woke up and went to the bathroom there was this huge gob of like snot it was like really off white. Is this more of the mucous plug? Even though it wasn't brown or bloody?


HeavenisMine - November 9

I lost my plug two weeks ago at around 36 wks 3 days. I have had icky globs of snotty off white stuff too. I have no idea, just extra cervical mucous I suppose. Other than those times I am dry as a bone down there. I hate it!


Cevvin - November 9

if its like a big sticky booger. then its your mucus plug. keep in mind that it regenerates thru out your pregnancy. Some ladies have alot, some ladies have none. Your mucus plug does not have to be tinged. Sounds normal. Hope everything gets going for ya, i know how it feels to want the baby out!!.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - November 9

Sounds like it is, sometimes you won't get a bloody show, I got some blood when I lost mine though...but I lost mine gradually up til they induced me because my water bag was leaking


topper42 - November 9

But I lost my mucous plug yesterday and it was basically the same thing only brown. So it's just more of it?


staci - November 9

topper I had mine swept also on Wed. and Yesterday lost a big glob of brown thick discharge, which i know was my plug because I had this happen with ds as well. Then this a.m. more of the thick yucky brown stuf and since then it has been really thick off white. So anyway, I say yes, this is more of your plug. The plug just keeps on coming, you think it's done and it's not. Weird how that much stuff is up there huh?


josie4 - November 9

That definitely sounds like your MP.


cattac - November 10

with my last pregnancy before my body went into labor on its own I lost mine a month before I actually went into labor, then as the other ladies said it regenerates itself and for about 5-6 days before I went into labor I had that exact thing you had happen every morning. I think your body's getting ready.



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