What The Hell Did My Doctor Do To Me

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lindsay - June 6

you know that sharp, stabbing pain we feel sometimes when our babies rub or punch our cervix? well, i had an internal today and now everytime my baby moves or stretches at all, that is all i feel,... it is so horrible, it takes my breath away and all i can do is tense up! i don't know why this week was so different than last week... same doctor and i have had zero change in my cervix... but i am really crampy and have had a little bit of brown discharge... even when i stand up i get that stabbing pain in my cervix... i hope this is gone when i wake up in the morning!! has anyone else experienced all this lingering pain and discomfort after an internal? and how long did it last, because i'll have another on friday!! and don't want to be really messed up!! (i'll be 40 weeks on wed, by the way!)


mom.2.5 - June 6

Sounds like he stripped your membranes, or just irritated your cervix. By the way it sounds I bet your making progress.With each one of mine I've had the same feeling and I've recently had mine stripped and had the exact same feeling. My pain has been coming and going though, I keep thinking with as much that is going on down there I should be about ready... good luck


lindsay - June 6

can they do that w/out telling you? i didn't even think my doctor's office practiced that because i had never even heard of it until i started coming here, lol...not that i'm upset if he did, but i thought you had to be a little bit dialated to get their finger in there to do the stripping... am i wrong?? because i'm not dialted at all :-( but i am still crampy today, so maybe he triggered something, or maybe i am just really hoping!!


krista-lee - June 6

i get that pain all the time. im still not dilated at all though (1 weeks 4 days overdue)


ReneeM - June 6

I feel that way also after an internal. I sort of feel tender and stretched(?) maybe a little down there, if that makes any sense. I also may have some pains down there. I also feel crampy the rest of the day. Almost always have increased discharge and some old blood too. If it continues and you are concerned though, you could always call your dr, that is what they are there for!


ashley - June 6

maybe he stretched you a little to try and speed things up. My doc did that for me, and I went into labor 2 days later.


angelbebe - June 6

Oh, you are getting so close!! I had that sharp feeling a lot. That's good. Pressure down there is good. It will help that cervix get moving. And you're almost 40 weeks!! Exciting!



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