What To Bring To Hospital

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1Sttimemomy - June 12

hi i was wondering what should i bring to the hospital when i go into labor ? I am planning on having my baby va___ally and with an epidural?also what do you think about an episiotomy?I am a first timmer and don't really know what to bring for me or the baby?any suggestions are appreciated ?just a silly 21year old girl(Im scared)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ashley - June 12

I forgot my b__wdryer when I was 21 and had my daughter! lol. I knew i'd be taking pictures and forgot the dang thing, lol. What some one told me was, bring like you are staying at a motel. Shampoo, Face wash, razor, etc. I had an episiotomy and I really didn't want it at first. I finally just told the doc to not tell me when and if he was going to do it. But I tell you from what I hear being numb down there isn't so bad, lol. I didn't feel the burning that you get when the baby crowns and it wasn't so bad for me. I would rather be cut than tear. If I am cut they are prepared and I am numb, if I tear, there may not be any numbing stuff. Once the pain hits you'll not care about the thought of a needle, you WANT the epidural.


Emily - June 13

I would forget half the things the books tell you to bring, you dont use them. I packed for my first, three bags, two for me and one for baby. This time I only have one bag. I have an outfit for me to go home in, a couple changes of clothes for my dh, tolietries (toothbrush, shampoo, razer, things like that), a book, the baby book, a deck of cards (for after, no way you feel like it durring labor, although your family might), two outfits for baby (one fore pics and one for ride home)., old socks, old undies, and an old nigth shirt or night clothes. Also bring nursing pads if you plan to nurse along with a coupel fo nursing bras, and your own pads. Your hosptial will probably give you some, but you may want to have your favorites....with my first I brought a whole diaper bag for baby, and I won't be doing that this time. The hospital I was at, provides those to you and blankets and a nigth shirt for baby while you are there.....good luck


1Sttimemomy - June 13

thank you ashley and emily for the info. ashley also thank you about the info. on episiotomy .I think that is the way i am goning to go i don't want to tear.


1Sttimemomy - June 13

when are you two due i am due sept.6,06.hope you have a happy and healthy preg.,labor,and baby.what the s_x of the baby?


Chrissythefairy - June 13

thanks for asking this, im in the same boat as you, im 22 first time and have the same questions ive been asking so many of my friends who have had babies. they say to bring stuff that you need for yourself. The hospital provideds alot of things for the baby. My cousin told me to make sure my fiance takes stuff everytime he comes up to see me because you get alot of stuff. Also i was told not to buy new night gowns cause they get messed up. just to wear the hospital ones.


ashley - June 13

I am due July 26 so I am 34 weeks right now. I am having a boy. My daughter is already 6 so its been awhile since I have had a baby! Good luck to you.


^lucy^ - June 13

all i can tell u is dont take underwear and night gowns/pyjamas if the hospital ur gonna be in will provide them for u.. u wont really need them.. i gave birth 3 weeks ago and never used mine cz u cant imagine the amount of blood that will be going out from you and its cleaner for you to dress in their gowns and panties cz u can always ask for new ones and dont have to worry about getting urs cleaned.. u'll need slippers, some make up and hair styling stuff for pix and visitors.. outfit for you and baby on going home day..never forget the cameras and cam corder cz its the most important thing.. we took pix for our baby once she came out to life and its perfect for memories :) good luck and dont over pack :)


skn331 - June 13

Everyone says an oufit for the baby to go home in, what about while we're in the hospital? I am having a c-section, so we'll be there for 3-4 days. Shouldn't I bring clothes for him to wear everyday? Or does the hospital provide something?


ashley - June 13

usually while in the hospital the baby wears the clothes provided by the hospital. They have little onsies and some places even give you something to go home in! The hospital I did my clinicals for nursing in give a little Onsie that says St. James Hospital lol.


ashley - June 13

ps they provide formula if you decide not to b___st feed, diapers, wipes and everything you need for baby. for you they have hospital gowns but I brought my own comfy pjs for after labor.


Mingill - June 13

My neice (she's had 2 babies already) recommends baby washcloths. Wipes are nice, but apparently that first baby bowel movement is a doosy. She and her husband went through a stack of wipes trying to get their daughter clean, at least you can rinse the washcloth in between wipes.


mommie2b - June 13

I am taking my own nightgowns, an outfit for the day I get to come home, makeup, bodywash all the a__sentials you need and I am takin for the baby an outfit for when we leave, lotion, etc. You will be fine everything is going to be ok its not that scary. I had an epi and for me it didn't work it took the pain away for 1 hour and then it went away so this time I am goin naturally. Good Luck


Krista - June 13

I pulled this list off the internet that I'm going to use.....Nursing Bra, Breast pads, nursing pillow, nightgown and robe, slippers, socks, going home outfit, toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, lip balm, makeup, hairbrush, shampoo/conditioner, soap, razor, lotion, b__wdryer, etc).....then sanitary pads, camera, address book, video camera, hair clip or band, infant car seat, babies going home outfit, baby hat, booties, receiving blanket....then of course stuff for dad (pj's, slippers, a couple outfits, pillow, toothbrush, socks, etc) Hope this helps =)



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