What To Bring To The Hospital

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marg - May 6

Has anyone started to pack to go to the hosptial. I am 36 weeks and thinking I should start to pack my bag. I don't know what I should bring.


Arintha - May 6

I pretty much packed an overnight bag for myself. For my baby i packed a couple receiving blankets, extra diaper just in case, booties, and a few sleepers.


Lyssa - May 6

Room-temp water & barf bag for car, hospital preadmission form, insurance card, some cash, one credit card, list of phone numbers, cell & charger/calling card, book/magazine, snacks Socks, slippers, nursing bra, Chapstick, throat drops, lotion, hair elastics, face wash, mini shampoo, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, Q-Tips, hairbrush, deodorant, makeup Camera & batteries/film, pen, comfy clothes to go home in, husband's clothes & toiletries, baby's going home outfit, car seat. Ask if your room will have fridge/microwave & hair dryer. Make sure to take home the donut pillow, bulb syringe & pacifier--they are lifesavers!


Erica - May 6

To bank on Lyssa's list (which is excellent and very comprehensive!) make sure you pack clothes to go home in that will fit the general size/shape you were at 5-6 months along. Also, I've packed 3 pairs of underwear and some sanitary napkins for post-birth...I hear the hospital gives you sanitary pads anyway, but I can't help but wonder if they are the size of "Swiffer" mop pads and twice as thick. :)


Lyssa - May 7

Thanks Erica! : ) I kept an ongoing list throughout my pregnancy, and wouldn't you know it, ended up packing my bag at 2:00 a.m. when my contractions were 40 seconds apart! I revised the list when I got home. The hospital stocks your bathroom with disposable mesh panties & pads wo/adhesive backing. They worked ok for me. I didn't want to bring my own and ruin them. Same goes for nightgowns. I wore theirs. If you want, you can pack a robe to walk around in & for pictures. Also, just so you know, you can wear a bra or something in the delivery room if you want. I wore a camisole with shelf bra--I can't imagine pushing the whole time with my b___bs hanging down to my belly! lol



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