What To Bring To The Hospital In The Hosp Bag

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fara - May 18

hey ladies i was just wondering what u need to bring along to the hospital with u,besides ur toiletries..


Deb - May 18

Socks, bathrobe, slippers, ma__sage tools, pads, underwear that you don't mind getting wrecked by blood, relaxing music, magazine or book, a nighty with b___ton down top if you plan to b___stfeed, nursing pads, a going home outfit (mat pants from 5-6 months pg or so), sleeper, onesie, baby socks or booties, cap for your little one, diapers and wipes, hard candy or lollipops if your mouth gets really dry, light snacks...that's all I can think of right now.


ash2 - May 18

this is my sec baby and the stuff that i packed for my first i never used.... this time around i packed a night gown of my own, 3-4 pairs of maternity panties ( lets face it, we will not be our reg size again) you will also be swollen still and it would be more comfortable, socks for delivery, all toiletries, a nuring bra so my b___bs will not be flopping around during visitors, clothes for my husband, my son, and my boppy for nursing. also i brought my own bottles so my newborn will not get use to the hospitals, a going home outfit, an outfit for baby to get pics, lots and lots of onesies and gowns ( you will need lots of these, a few diapers, wipes, ( most hospitals will provide), if you plan to use a pacifier, and thats all i can think of without looking into my bag. as far as magazenes, and music, honey you will barely have time...... oh, and bring some pads.


kh - May 18

I brought all the stuff that was on the suggested lists and never even got most of it out of my bag. I didn't use the music, the nightgown, the socks, ma__sage stuff, pads, slippers, underwear, or magazines. This is because I used the underwear and gown that the hospital provided so I didn't ruin my own. I never felt like putting socks on either. My labor was fast and too intense to want to listen to music, but I did watch the TV in the room. I didn't even use most of the stuff I brought for baby because the hospital provided diapers, t-shirts, a cap and a pacifier. It's very hard to know what to expect because every labor and every hospital is different. Better to overpack than underpack. I did have hubby go home after she was born to get the boppy. I started using it for nursing, but found that it was more useful for me to sit on since the after-delivery pain can be so intense.



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