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Zena - October 22

I am near my due date and i am afraid of humiliation during the labor ( u know from the pushing u may poop). I heard something about enema, u have to do it before u go to the hospital or u may ask one at the hospital. English is my 2nd language and i really dont understand what is this enema. Can someone tell me. Thanks for your replies.


dew - October 22

an enema is the injection of liquid into the intestine by way of the a__s. I'm having my first child so I'm not sure. But I have spoken to many women that have one or more children and they all say that you won't care what comes out all you'll be concerned with is the pain. Also, I watched my sister deliver my nephew and she pooped, but the nurses caught it in a bucket and took it away before I even saw it. I've never heard anyone say they had an enema before or after delivering the baby. trust me, you won't do anything that hasn't been done before, and the reward is worth it. good luck.


>.< - October 23

Silly topics we share huh? Well, yes an enema is a form of laxative that is administered a___lly (through your bottom). It is suggested by doctors to do so before you get to far into labor, although it is not neccissary, just makes that part a lil less worrisome. Even w/o the enema you still have the possibility of "pooping" having a bowl movement during labor. The enema will make sure it comes out ... fairly fast and with out constipation, ... which can lead to tears, bleeding, and hemmoroids. HOWEVER, if it is something you dont want to do, make sure you tell the nurses and doctor, and/or write it on the birth plan you take to the hospital so everyone knows what to expect. They will not give it to you against your will. It is your body, and therefor your choice. =o) G'luck, and best wishes.


hi zena - October 23

i was worried about the same thing. however, my girlfriend said it happened to her when delivering and she said when you are in labor working your "a__s" off, the last thing you even care about is the fact that you have just poo'd. I just forwarned my husband about the possibility that it could happen, and that if he didn't want to be looking down there when i am giving birh, i am totally fine with that. I think now i am more worried about pooing in my pants later on:) my sister in law said they give you stool softeners for v____al and c-sections, so you don't strain yourself. She told me to be careful where i go once i have taken them, i guess she had an unfortunate accident! Let's all keep praying"NO POO!"


jennifer - October 23

Zena, I have had an emema and although it certainly isn't fun, it's not that bad. It is a little bottle of fluid with a tip on it shaped like a tampon, but slimmer. If it's done at the hospital the nurse will take you into the bathroom and insert it, and you will immediately experience diarreaha, along with the cramping, it only lasts a few minutes and you are cleaned out. If you do it at home I would sit on the toilet and do it.


mom to be - October 23

I had a enama after the birth of my forst child... my delivery was tramatic meaning i had a 3rd degree tear so the last thing i wanted to do was go for a #2...so before i left the hospital it was important that i had a bowel movement to make sure all was in working order...they arent that bad at all !


SB - October 23

I was paranoid about the whole issue with my first son so I took an enema right after my water broke. I DEDINITELY plan on taking another one this time around as well. It was not bad at all and I felt more at ease since I was not worried about what might happen.


michelle - October 26

Im worried about doing the same thing!! Dont worry about any of that stuff though, midwifes have seen it all before. Nothing fazes them. Ive also heard that your body naturally cleans itself out just before your labour starts.



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