What To Expect From Next Dr Visits

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Atarahsmommy - June 1

Everything I've read says that at 32 wks, the visits become every 2 weeks untill 36 wks and then every week. But I had my 32 week check up and now my nex app. is not untill June 21, at 36 wks. so what can I expect at that visit and then do you think they will see me more often after that visit, 2 weeks, every week? I just don't know what to expect, and when do they start to do the pelvic exams (not that I'm not ok with not having them for a while)


Nora1 - June 1

My dr starts the internal exams at 36 weeks. That's about all I can tell you I guess! :)


Atarahsmommy - June 1

did you atart going evey 2 weeks or did it stay at 4 at 32 weeks


krista-lee - June 1

my doctor did the first internal at 37 weeks, thats when i started seeing him weekly : ]


Jenn2 - June 1

my appointments were every 2 weeks starting at 32 weeks, and then at 36 weeks they started every week. I am now a full 39 weeks, and tommorwo will be the first day of my 40th week, and I (just today) got my first internal. I know allot of doctors do start internals at 36 weeks. Also at 36 weeks most doctors test you for strep B......which isn't a big deal.


starr - June 1

I got my first internal at 36 wks and that was also the first visit of my wkly visits. I am now 37w5d and I will get an internal every visit until I deliver.


Mellissa - June 2

i just had my 32 week checkup ( a little later as i am now 33 weeks) and my next one is at 36 weeks. my midwife said since everything has been good throughout the pregnancy there is no reason to be seen every two weeks right now. after my 36 week one i will have one at 38 weeks and one at 40 (hopefully i won't need that one). i think she said she will do a pelvic exam at the 38 week appointment.


Corrine321 - June 2

I started going every week at 31 weeks, because Im young (15) and I have a high risk of pre-mature labor! But dont look like I will be having one, I'm already 36 weeks and 4 days! And for me, my doctor started doing internals at 34 weeks! Good Luck!


miraclebaby - June 2

hi, at my 32 wks, he said see you in two weeks, and again at 34, see you in two and my next is 36 , which they will do an internal and then everyweek. I would come right out and ask him. That's what I do. besides your paying him good money to protect and watch you and the baby. What do you have to loose right. Just ask sweet and nice. lol lol


yourtrish - June 2

Can someone tell me what an internal is? Do you mean an internal ultrasound? Or is it something else?


Steph - June 2

YourTrish, an internal is basically a quick pelvic exam to see if you are dialiting and effacing. They really are not necessary until week 38 unless you are a high risk pregnancy.


Atarahsmommy - June 3

thanks, I should have asked what the rest of the app. would be like, but I was expecting him to say see you in 2 weeks, instead he said 4 weeks and it sort of took my by suprise and I didn't ask anything, I'll say something at my 36 week app, only 2 1/2 more weeks now anyway


Corrine321 - June 3

i was just looking at my post that i posted yesterday Im 37 weeks and 5 days im not in week 36.. sorry!


ashley - June 4

my appointments went to every two weeks starting my third trimesterrr-28 weeks. I actually started at 26 weeks because they had me come back at 28 weeks to do my glucose tolerance test and get my rhogam shot, and i've been every two weeks since. I have one week appointments scheduled starting at the 36 week mark. Don't know what they'll do different.



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