What To Expect With Hydronephrosis

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cherryzz08 - August 25

I was told at a ultrasound when I was 20 weeks that there was too much fluid in my little girls kidneys. They sent me to a Level 2 ultrasound 2 weeks later, and they confirmed that she had Hydronephrosis. They are not exactly sure to what extent it is effecting her, and they wont know until she comes out. I just had another Level 2 ultrasound last week and they said the right kidney looks a lot better, but the left one got a bit worse. But She isn't in any pain. Every other test we had came back normal, she has no birth defects or down syndrome. But What I want to know, would the have me deliver early because of this? Or could anything else occur? I just need to know what to expect. Im 33 weeks now. And this is my first pregnancy.


Patience2008 - August 25

I was told the exact same thing at 31 wks. Between my 21 wk and 31 wk u/s his kidneys had not gotten any better or any worse. They told me that because nothing could be done about it now and that because everything else measured fine that they were not going to do anything about it now. 1-6 wks after my son is born they will give him an u/s and verify what is going on(if it is still a problem) In the majority of children it resolves itself spontaneously without any intervention. Only 7% of children that have it even have surgery so dont worry. Every doc is different so they might keep monitoring you via u/s but it would not make any sense to deliver you early because it might resolve itself the longer she is in there. Anyways, hope this helps. Try not to worry too much


bubbasmom - August 25

I can sympathize with your worry. My son, who is now 2.5 had hydronephrosis. However, his was not diagnosed during pregnancy but rather we found out at 7 weeks after he had a high fever, seizure, and vomiting due to a urinary tract infection that was related to the hydroneprhosis. As patience said, most times the issue clears up on its own and most times parents have no idea their child has the condition. I was told it is the most common congenital deformaty there is. So, your daughter may be just fine with no issues at all. I'm guessing your ped. will monitor her and have ultrasounds every few months. Your ped will also probably advise you on any symptoms to look for (fever). I would doubt you would need to deliver early. Anyways, I just had another boy a month ago and my obgyn had a third trimester ultrasound done and my son was fine. But, I will be looking for signs with him. I hope this helps and feel free to ask questions if you think of any. I check the third trimester board occa__sionally.


bubbasmom - August 25

I forgot to mention that reflux (urine going back into the kidney) can be a__sociated with hydronephrosis and your ped may want to do a test to see if your daughter has this. I believe it is a die test (its been so long that I don't remember). Anyway, as I said before, many more children have this condition than are diagnosed and it is really only a problem when symptoms occur. Oh, my son did not have reflux.


cherryzz08 - August 26

Thank you, they were looking for problems with her kidneys because I have a few family member including a 5 yr old cousin who was born with only one kidney. So they were REALLY checking. I hate how the techs go quiet, i mean that tells you somethings wrong.



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