What To Name My Son

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Monica - December 14

I was just wondering what everyone thought of the the name Talan for a boy? I really like the name, but my dh likes Andrew. Please help us decide, maybe I can convince him:)


um - December 14

just how would you pronounce that?


Hannah - December 15

Sorry...names are all about personal taste and I actually agree with your hubby! I love the name Andrew. Talan is too "cutesie"...i can't imagine a grown man with that name. But, that is just my personal opinion! Good luck :)


Swtpea - December 15

I like the name Talan. Names can be room for argument, dont let it. *laughs* silly enough the solution for my b/f and me was to 'draw out of a hat'. Before we found out the s_x of the baby we agreed that if the first was a girl he could name her and if it was a boy i could name him, but we made these "lists"... and I disagreed with some of his name choices and he didnt like some of mine. SOOO, we agreed to narrow the lists down and get rid of any names that we ABSOLUTELY couldnt stand on each of them, to about 10names each. That is still a lot. Put them on lil pieces of paper and mixed 'em up. I let him go first as he pulled two "girl" names out of the hat, then we did the "boy" names and I picked out two. Out of each of the two we both randomly picked we got to choose which one we like the most. THEN we found out it was a boy, so I got to go with one of the two I picked. I picked Mason and Nicholas. I decided to name him Nicholas Mark (mark is the middle name of my father and first name of my brother). My b/f's family doesnt really "agree" 'cause its not traditionally carrying on any part of their family (besides the last name), but they usually carry on a first or middle, and have actually pushed for him to try and convince me to change it. BUT, he understands our agreement and is okay with that. We also agreed that since I got to name the first baby, that if and when we have a second, he automaticcally gets to choose the name whether its boy or girl, .... as to be fair. =o) WIERD LONG STORY *laughs*, but it works, and it worked out well for us... otherwise we'd still be arguing over it.


andrea - December 15

not a fan of talan, either-but that's why you get to decide. What we think shoudn't matter! My b/f wanted Tristan for a boy. I hope no one has a son named tristan, but I don't think it sounds very manly. It's like a wimpy name for a guy. I like Zane and Kaiser(Ky for nickname).


KFish - December 15

Talan was actually a name I heard of on the sci-fi show Farscape. The female leads father was name Talen and she named a warship after him.


ca__sie - December 19

I like Talan... it sounds s_xy


to Andrea - December 19

"Kaiser"? Like a kaiser roll that you eat?


Gemma - December 19

I am not a fan of Talan but I like Andrew. How about Andrew Talan?


MichelleB - December 19

I like Talan. Its unique. Most names that float around this site are the same. Dont let comments change your mind. We used a unique name for our son, Kiev, and once you use it for a while, it becomes a__sociated with that baby and you dont think about all those comments you heard.


To Monica - December 19

How exactly do you pronouce that? Also it's true what you say about it not being common, but the idea of it is, seems like every little boys name is ending in the "en" sound lately ie. Jalen, Jayden, Devin, Dylan, Logan, Ivan, Evan, Cayden, Camden, it's like a big craze or something.


shelbi - December 19

honestly, i don't like it that much. i immediately was reminded of napoleon dynamite - do the chickens have large talons? lol but i agree that andrew talan sounds nice.


Monica - December 19

it is pronounced Tal - an just like Alan but with a t in front.


anon - December 19

a talan is a claw or a long toe nail. When you are in bed with your husband and all of the sudden you get stabbed with a sharp toenail..Cut those talans, would ya!


hottmomaof6 - December 20

i think it's cool. But since you both have your own preferance why not try this..... TALAN ANDREW


Beth - December 20

Shelbi-lmfao......napolean dynamite, I love that movie, and chickens with atlons, that's exactly what I thought of too.


Amy - December 22

Love it!



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