What To Pack

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dew - November 29

I'm going to pack my hospital bag this week. I've been asking everybody what to bring but I'm afraid I'll forget something. any ideas???


renatusbee - November 30

I packed a few days ago and I think I may have over done it! My hubby thinks I'm nuts! I guess whats important is that you pack some comfy clothes and the toilletries you are used to having at home. I packed a towel(I'm sure the hospitals are thin and small), trial size shampoo and conditioner, soap, toothpaste etc..., fluffy socks and robe, and a comfy outfit to wear home when I'm discharged. I made a list and put it on top of my bag of the things that I use daily that are going to have to be packed last minute. That way my husband can grab them or I can if I'm feeling able! Also make a list of people you want called and their numbers and stick it in your bag! Hope this helps!


B - November 30

Hello. Aside from the normal stuff listed above you should take a seperate L & D bag that has everything you will need to be comfy prior to Delivery....We learned that in my childbirth cla__s. So in mine I want to wear socks during delivery so I will put socks in there. Also like chapstick, suckers, a cd, my to call list, room spray, your focal point (pictures), ma__sage ball, a little food for my hubby..etc. Whatever you plan on using to make your L & D as comfy as possible.


April - November 30

The food for your husband thing may not sound like a big deal - but seriously, my husband went thru HOURS of labor with me on a dr. pepper and a pop tart. As much as you may want him to suffer during that time....you want him to be a strong partner!


B - November 30

p.s. if you want pics don't forget your camera. Also someone gave me a good tip to bring black and white film. It looks a little less "messy" then color film.


D - November 30

Don't forget to bring the baby an outfit or 2. One for the hospital pic & one to wear home.


Stephanie - November 30

I'm also bringing some tea. Sounds silly, but I love tea and I think it'll help for afterwards. Plus, sometimes it can be chilly in a hospital. I'm also bringing my own pillows. I doubt the ones there will be good enough for me to sleep well.


Jennifer - November 30

If you plan to try b___stfeeding, take a "boppy" pillow. I'm also taking a small handheld vibrating ma__sager for my hubby to use on my lower back while in labor. Everynight he uses it on my back before I go to sleep, it's like heaven!!!! Also someone advised me to take a pacifier if you plan on using one.



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