What To Pack For The Hospital Help

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Cassie06 - June 23

hi!! I am thinking about starting to pack the hospital bag for myself and the diaper bag. What all do I need. Is there a list someone has made or a good website to find lists of what to pack for each? I have to have something that I can look at and check off. I am so ocd about stuff like this!! Thanks so much!! :)


Roary - June 23

I have read a handful of different lists. There are lots on-l.ine and in books. Here are a few with checklists:: http://www.mamashealth.com/pregnancy/pack.asp or http://parenting.aol.com/parenting/onlyonaol/article/0,19840,655535,00.html. I intend to stick to a minimal number of items all in one bag--baby outfit and car seat, mom outfit, socks, underwear and pads, camera, reading material, pen and paper,. ponytail holders, spring water, book, snacks and books (etc) for partner, and something comforting (not sure what that would be), and of course my health card and some change and small bills for vending machines or pay phones. My intent, though, is to go home within 6-12 hours of the birth--given how uneventful my pregnancy has been. This is my first pregnancy, however, so I probably am being naive.


Soontobemom - June 23

Ca__sie06 you don't need a diaper bag as far as I know. The hospital takes care of the diapers and stuff, just a welcome home outfit for baby. Other than that, I plan to take an outfit for me in the hospital, one for going-home, socks, underwear, pads, toiletries (deodorant, hair ties, shower gel, toothpaste... etc), maybe a crossword puzzle, and a ma__sage thing so my hubby can get me back ma__sages while in labor. I haven't made the bag yet (36 1/2 weeks), but going shopping for all of these things this weekend. Roary, I dont know where you live but my pregnancy has been uneventful and the soonest I can leave the hospital is 24 hours after the delivery. You should double check, but I dont think they will let you go that soon.


littlemama1022 - June 23

I dont have any websites but I would definately recommend taking a lot of Old underwear that you dont care about anymore and your own pads if you dont like the huge ones the hospital gives to you but the big pads do help with not as much getting on your underwear. I wouldn't take a diaper bag, the hospital supplies you with everything. --to Roary-I dont think the hospital will let you leave that early. My first pregnancy, I had a great pregnancy and I still had to stay 24 hours..I even begged to go home earlier.


krista-lee - June 23

pack your OWN pads! Always Overnight maximum are the best. the ones at the hospital are HORRIBLE. i bled through everything the first 2 days and finally got some of my own pads! so how are you ca__sie? how far along are you now?


AmandaManns - June 23

Well when I had my son I definetely overpacked. I think you should take some old underwear, comfy slippers, camera, snacks, a comfy outfit to ride home in, toothbrush and paste, brush, and an outfit to go home in for baby. You do NOT need diapers, formula, wipes, or pads of any kinds, the hospital provides all that for you. I also took my son's baby book and filled it out right at the hospital while he was sleeping.


Ca__sie06 - June 23

Thanks guys! I am so anxious! I am only 34 weeks, but my mom had both of us at 37 weeks and I am really hoping I follow her pattern! That is why I want to have everything ready just in case. I hate really big pads, so I may try to get some of my own to take with me. That is a great idea to take the baby book with me and fill out there!! I already have all of the first section done, and I cant wait to move on to the second section! I just want my baby to be here already!!! :)


AlissaF - June 23

I had no idea what to pack either, so I overpacked. Of everything I packed, the things i found to be most helpful were a robe, slippers, and toiletries. Maybe pack a pair of pajama pants and a loose shirt or nursing tank-top... I found that I got sick of the gowns.



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