What To Take To Hospital

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My1stBaby - March 13

Hi, I am 38 weeks 3days and was wondering what is everyone taking with them to the hospital? I know of a few things I have to take but would like a good list so I dont forget anything. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks :-)


amanda17 - March 13

I'm 29 weeks so I've only done some light investigations on the matter, and it really depends on what your hospital provides. a__suming your hospital doesn't provide anything you would need diapers, wipes, possibly burp cloths, a comfortable nursing bra or shirt, a soft comfy robe, maybe some slippers and socks, and, according to my sister who just had her first child in September, everyone should bring a nail file or mittens to keep them from scratching their face. I would reccomend bringing some clothes for the next day, just in case they ask you to stay over night. Good luck!


julie2007 - March 13

most hospitals provide jsut about everything for baby. and some even give you the left overs (diapers / paci's etc) to take with you when you leave. . . that said - you'll want to be sure to bring an outfit for taking baby home in (something you may want to use for other children or something of yours or DH's that was used for them with sentimental ties to it) and possibly a special outfit for baby;s 1st phot in the hospital when they come around to do them. although some people just keep them wrapped in a blanket. -- don't forget for you - to bring something to wear home (you won't be the same size as you went it - but you won't be back to normal either) and you'll want something comfy with a loose fitting waist incase you end up having a c section. also i found it helpful to have my own robe in case of visitors and their many photos. and a nightgown that can accomodate an IV if you dont want to wear a hospital gown..... although you will likely bleed quite a bit while in the hospital and may just want to do it on their gowns! i agree with amanda too - maybe some baby mittens so baby doesn't scratch its face. good luck and congrats on your baby.


xvkx - March 13

babycenter.com/packing-for-the-hospital-or-birth-center That's the list I've been using. I also highly suggest taking a tour of the hospital/birth center you're going to be at and/or finding out what all they provide.


fefer1 - March 13

you probably won't need a burp cloth as the baby won't get much out of you for at least a day or two - takes a while for your milk to come in. Slipper socks and a robe were my most valuable items. :) I used the hospital gown - and had all the pads I needed there. Book or magazine or movie for dh or you - the day after can be a bit boring for your dh if you are there during the daytime. Of course, a camera and maybe baby book ...



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