What To Use On Stretch Marks

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mm - September 1

I'm 33 weeks and have started to notice some stretch marks appearing on my butt and hips. Does anyone know of anything that makes them go away or be less visible? I know time alone will lessen their color, but I want them as gone as possible....help!


Angel - September 8

Hello. I always heard Palmers lotion worked real well, so I said, I will try it this time and its been pretty good, worth a try. Angel


Aisha - September 8

Nothing. you need to keep the skin moist. Palmers Cocoa b___ter didnt help my tummy from looking like a road map but you can try. Do not scratch. The farther on you get the more you will want to itch and its the itching that creates stretch marks


SAR - September 9

hi mm. the skin loses a lot of elasticity during pregnancy, so moisturising may help keep stretch marks at bay (but i honestly think it's in your genes... some women get 'em, some women don't. my mum didn't, neither of my sisters have, and so far i haven't - at 36 weeks, fingers crossed). i think the palmers is supposed to prevent stretch marks by moisturising, but once you have them, you need to try something like vitamin e oil to help heal them. you can get concentrated vitamin e oil in a pharmacy (i use one called Invite for cuts, burns, scars, chapped lips, etc. i live in australia, so don't know if you can get it wherever you're from). if you can't find a concentrated bottle of oil, try piercing vitamin e capsules with a pin and squeeze out the oil. other than that, only time will make them fade. good luck :o)


Jennifer - September 9

They have a palmer's cocoa and shea b___ter lotion specifically for stretch marks. (it comes in a pump bottle)


carmen - September 9

I have used bio oil all the way through my pregnancy im 40 weeks and havent 1 stretch mark!! I think this stuff helps fade existing ones too : )


Silvie - September 9

If U already have some, U may slightly prevent others from showing up by moisturising...But I believe the secret is not in cosmetics but simply good genes. JUst dont waste money on stretch marks creams, none of those works 100%!


Heidi - September 9

Most of the time I don't even bother putting creams on. I have some lotion that contains coca b___ter but I forget to use it most of the time. I don't have the itchy belly like a lot of women talk about so I forget. I'm 34 wks and don't have any marks that I can see yet. I was told it's all in your genes.


littlemrsb - September 9

I think genes and size plays a big part. My grandmother got horrible stretchmarks (granted she was pg. 9 times!) and my mom didn't get any. I have some that decided to continue on from the ones I got on my hips when I was 12 from a growth spurt. Anyway, a friend reccomended "Mother's Friend" to me. I really feel like it makes my skin supple. I think it just might be helping from ones showing up on my belly. Good luck! :)


Julie - September 9

I have used everything from the cheap palmers to the expensive mustela and nothing works. If you are going to get them you will get them. I didn't have them until after I gave birth with my son and I got rid of them using Strivectin after delivery but it took time. Now I am 35 weeks and have been using the pricey stuff and am noticing the ones that I had with my son reappear.


AIsha - September 9

yes all in the genes never helped me. Im a twin and I got the stretch marks and she didnt get one. It also the amount of weight you gain. I havent got any new ones this preg but seriously theres no space for new ones *sighs* ahh well its all worth it right!!???


Heidi - September 9

I heard if you gradually get bigger this helps instead of some women who just pop out real quick. Who knows. I just pray I can wear my tank tops again some day! Most of my friends can't anymore cus they have purple marks on their bellies.


Julie - September 9

If this helps mine are really low and they are white I never got the terrible purple ones. I b___ter up twice a day.



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