What To Wear At The Hospital

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MEO - July 15

hi - so I am finally packing my bag and I am now having wonderings about what people really wear in the hospital after giving birth - do I want a robe? do I want pjs with bottoms? Will they just be making me take them off all the time anyway to check my perineal area etc? Anyone been there and have some good words of wisdom? right now I have for sure tank tops and nursing bras... what else?


ChannY - July 15

Usually you wear the hospital clothes..but to be honest, that hospital c___ps made me really itchy, so i wore my pjs and my nursing bras. The only time they check your pernieal area is rigth after the birth and 20 mins later..and before they discharged you. thats all


Steph - July 15

I wore the hosptial gown until after I gave birth and then I wore pajamas with a top and bottoms. Wearing bottoms as opposed to a night gown was much nicer because they help hold your pads/icepacks in place.


starr - July 15

I stayed in the hosp gowns and bra.At my hosp they checked for hemorhoids(sp) and checked my belly during every shift change for the nurses.I packed my pjs and robe but ended up not wearing them.I just showered and wore a gown ,it really wasn't that bad.Also worked well for BF.Good Luck


LollyM - July 15

I haven't been there yet (37 weeks, it's close!) but I packed two robes and two nightgowns and my nursing bras and some undies. But for me, I don't like feeling constricted by pants or shorts unless I have to be so that's why I went with nightgowns instead. You should probably go with whatever you are comfortable in and something with cozy fabric that will make your stay a little more comfortable. How much longer do you have any way?


MEO - July 15

Wow - thanks so much for all the super fast replies! I am 39 weeks and 6 days so... I have been slacking on the packing but obviously not been "burned" yet. :( haha I guess who knows what I will want to wear - will I get cold if I just have tank tops? Do you get up and walk around very much?


steph-in-saint-pete-beach - July 15

I wouldnt really know, with my 1st I was called at work to get back to the office and then straight to the hospital for induction, wasnt packed yet. With my girly now, im having a birthing home birth, and we are asked to pack everything but the kitchen sink even though we will be released 4 to 6 hours after birth. I will tell you that my midwife said to get a tube or two of Arnica gel from the health food store to put on down there to help with swelling and pain. The pain she says comes from the swelling, st_tches or not, and she swears this stuff keeps the swelling down. They have cream, and gel, also some lttle pill things, but she said specificly gel because you dont have to rub it in alot for it to absourb.


starr - July 15

MEO,I had my own private room,just me and baby girl so I was able to adjust my air as I wanted so your tanks may be just fine for you.I could have gotten up and walked around outside my room with baby but I chose not to b/c my feet had started swelling really bad after I delivered so I just stayed in my room.Wasn't sick or hurting or anything just didn't feel like moving around much.I was 39 w 6d when my baby girl came.Now it seems like forever ago and it's only been 1 month.Let us know how your delivery goes~~


Deb - July 15

I wore a nightgown with a b___ton down top so I could b___stfeed easily. I got it at walmart for about $6, knowing that it would probably get bloody and ruined. It worked very well for me and was quite comfy. The nurses did check me often enough that if I had had bottoms it would have been a pain. I also liked having my robe there so I could go for walks in the hall covered up.


momofalmost3 - July 15

Did you know you can actually wear your OWN clothes during labor? Except in a c section. It's cool. You just need to put it in your birth plan. You'd be amazed what your rights actually are that the hospital does not tell you! I plan on wearing shorts and tank tops after labor because it's easy to lift a tank to b___stfeed and it gets stuffy in the hospital rooms. But I did bring one pair of stretchy pants for comfort too and a regular tshirt just in case. Make sure you bring either socks, flipflops, or slippers if your feet get cold walking on the cold floors!



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