What Was That Cramp

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coco797 - December 13

Today I had this cramp that lasted for about 5 minutes in my entire tummy. Felt like a period cramp, like that weak, sick feeling when you have your period, but it was my entire tummy. It hasn't happened since. I do have bh a lot but they don't normally hurt. Oh yah, I'm 37 1/2 weeks. Does anyone know what that was?


DDT - December 13

When I was pregnant I had about 3-4 BH's that hurt like hell. I couldn't walk, talk or even breathe through them. They hapened in the last 4-5 weeks of my pregnancy. They are BH's. If they occur enough to be timed, if they don't go away when you drink water or lay down then it might be the start of your contractions.


cattac - December 13

I'm in my 3rd pregnancy/child and with my first two I had braxton hicks and a LOT toward the end and yes there were some contractions toward the end that were painful. Sometimes these can dilate you. With both my pregnancies I was 4-5 cm when I went to the hospital...with my first I was like that and induced and with my second I was in labor but was 3 the day before...so maybe you're dilating a little- which is good for you because less to go in the L&D room!


coco797 - December 14

More bh?!?! Cattac---good to know that it could mean I'm dilating. The last time I went to the doctor, I wasn't dilated at all. I know it doens't necessarily mean I'm going into labor real soon, but I would like to see some progress here! I'm getting so anxious!


DDT - December 14

Bad news: I had them and I went into labour with NO dilation.


bipolarmommy - December 16

im 33.3 weeks and i just started having a similar pain like from the ribs down well i guess at this point its prob the uterus down. but its lasting longer than five minutes going on an hour. only 3 noticeable contractions but they werent regular at all. im drinking water right now. so im reading the forums trying to figure out whats going on and what others did .


tracielee - December 19

i've been feeling something similar, except they did finally go away. i just posted another question on it... i suppose they are just BH but the kind that can really drop the baby and begin to dialate you! hopefully it means we are getting closer!


coco797 - December 19

tracielee, I hope we are getting closer. I'm beginning to think this baby is going to be in here forever. It doens't feel like she's coming any time soon. well....gl!!!


tracielee - December 19

coco, when is your due date? is this your first? this is my first, i hope she'll come early (even though it's SO close to Christmas). my 35th week appt, i wasn't dialated at all, but now i'm 37 weeks and haven't been checked since 35, so i'm hoping i'm advancing a little at least!!


coco797 - December 19

I'm due 1/3/08. I want her to come out already! I'm excited and tired of being pregnant. I had a doctors appointment last Friday and I wasn't dilated yet. Hoping there was some progress since then. Everyone keeps saying that I'm still really high. When is she going to drop?!?!?!



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