What Week Did You See Your First Stretch Mark

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ohbaby - October 30

I'm afraid of these little guys.. .and just wondering when you first saw your first stretch mark and did you freak out?


Danielle19 - October 30

i had some on my b___bs real tiny one at like 14 weeks but i didn't see any on my stomach until around 30 weeks and it just got worse and worse from then on i would suggest trying those lotions and things for strech marks because they really suck and i wish i would have tryed to prevent them


hthab - October 30

I got some at the bottom of my b___bs around 28 weeks. I'm 30 weeks now, and don't have any on my stomach yet. I haven't used any special creams because I don't think there's any way to prevent them. I didn't freak out. I got them during puberty, so I've been expecting them during pregnancy.


Deirdra - October 30

i didnt see any strech marks until i had my son...and now 2 1/2 weeks alter i have them...there not bad...just itchy...if you get them DONT itch...it makes them worse...


kleem22 - October 30

I got some on my b___t (yes, my b___t!) around 20 weeks, and at about 30 weeks they are starting to appear on my tummy!!! :( I hate them, but I keep telling myself that they are worth the reward in the end!!! I have been putting cocoa b___ter and vitamin E on them the entire pregnancy and am hoping that it is helping to make them fade quicker!


Kristin72 - October 30

I am approaching my 38th week..no stretch marks yet. Obviously there are many factors that bring on stretch marks, but I think it can help if you gain your weight steadily throughout your pregnancy..atleast for me that may be part of the secret to not getting them.


christa0120 - October 30

I got my 3 (thank goodness they are small) at about week 32. It is the same place I got my 2 with my first son too. I carry very low so they are actually at the bikini line (where my exploratory lap scar and csection scar are...so I imagine the skin isn't as elastic there. All in all, I am fairly lucky


ohbaby - October 30

I am 34 weeks and so far I haven't gotten any stretch marks. I just hear stories of how people go their whole pregnancy without a single stretch mark and in the very last week, they all appear. I just hope that doesn't happen with me. I used to have a very nice firm stomach.. and I hope to get it back after the baby. But it just won't be the same with those ugly stretch marks! Ah, the cost of motherhood... :)


pari - October 30

i had none till 35 weeks.............then one day i had just one little one...........then one fine morning when i was 38 weeks or so my tummy was all purple and pink and blue.........i cried the whole day....i am 40w 1 d today and my tummy is full of strecth marks........all the best to u


bella nikita - October 30

I started getting them at about 37 weeks or so, im 39 weeks now, and i think im still getting them. Try using stretch mark cream, or lotion with aloe and vit E in them, or believe me or not but apparently olive oil works too. My mom used them for both us kids, and had a really tight tummy but when she used it she didnt get ANY stretch marks at all. I havent used any creams or oils and i have lots. Good luck to you.


Aviendha416 - October 30

Personally I'm more concerned about having a proper diet, getting some low impact exercise and having a healthy and happy baby rather than whether or not I have a few stretch marks on my tummy or b___bs. I use cocoa b___ter on my tummy and b___bs several times a day. If that doesn't work then atleast I tried to prevent them. No big whoop to me. They are badges of motherhood and I earned every last one of them. They fade over time.


dsmom - October 31

To all thoes ladies who have no strech marks ,,you are so lucky,.,,,ive been plagued with them since puberty,,,,,,I have them everywhere,,arms legs,,thighs,,hipis stomach back,,,,,,and now with the baby I have them from my crotch right up past my belly b___ton,,,,,,,I can tell you that I dont remember not ever having them,,,since a i was like twelve,,,so I cant remeber my first one,,,,,,,,,,but tehy do fade,,some more than others..Ive never been in public plae withoout a shirt with sleeves and long pants....never even been in a bathing suit.......ya it sucks and when it comes to s_x,,it took me a long time to feel comfortable in my own skin.....I think that doctors dont really know how tramatic it is and they need to find somthing that takes them away completely...................if you only hava a couple dont fret,,,,but I think of having my baby as a blessing becasue now I have an excuse for them,,,before when people asked (and they do) why do I have them I just say I was fat before ,,even thouhg I wasnt,,,,,,,Its just my skin,,,genetics,,my aunt has them really babd too,,but my mom dosnt have a single one,,,


mandee25 - October 31

I have had them before so it's really no biggie for me. It was from gaining and losing weight. I am 37 weeks now and I don't see any more than a few so far. I have been using cocoa b___ter lotion on my belly from the start of the pregnancy. I am not sure if that helped or not.


whenshe - October 31

I think it's different for anyone, i know some women who didn't get them at all. I'm 28 weeks now, and i little ones on my sides and some on my b___bs, which are barely noticeable.


SuzieQ - October 31

They say those creams don't work - I'll let you decide! I used pregnancy oil on my belly almost everyday since 20 weeks and didn't get a single stretch mark on my belly. BUT, silly me, I didn't put any on my b___sts or thighs (my b___st size didn't change hardly at all) and I have stretch marks on both areas now!


AdrianaSitz - February 12

Recently I bought Dermalmd Stretch Mark Serum in hopes of getting rid of my post pregnancy stretch marks. Now I am the only one that can tell that there was anything there. Now I am starting to use it for the stretch marks on my inner thighs that I have had since I hit puberty and it is starting to work. Plus my skin has never been so smooth and soft if for nothing else I would use it just for the soft skin.



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