What Week Usually U Have Baby Shower

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HP - July 1

What week is the ideal time for baby shower ? Is 32-33 week a good time ?


KrisD - July 1

I am having mine when I am 34 weeks... A little later than I would have liked - I am afraid they will have to roll me around the party by then - but am excited nonetheless! Hopefully all goes well. I guess 7 or 8 months is pretty normal?!


Stephanie - July 1

Hi, I had one at 22 weeks, 30 weeks, 34 weeks, and 36 weeks. I understand that people usually only have 1, but they were given my my moms side of the family, his job, my job, and then my dads side of the family. I enjoyed the first and second one the most. I wasnt as miserable and could move around a little more, the only thing is people like to see you HUGE and pregnant, so they like to give them a little later on. I recommend early.


Jen A - July 2

Has anyone had the shower after the baby is born? I was thinking of doing that, but will I be up for it? I don't know, but I'm already almost 37 weeks!


Melissa - July 2

I will be having my showers after the baby is born. We are building a house right now and willbe moving in about 2 weeks before my due date. I did not want to have the showers now, have to store everything in this house and then move it all. Also will be easier to keep the house clean because we are trying to sell it right now, so i do not want to have piles of baby stuff kicking around. I also think it is nice, because then you know for sure what the s_x is and how big the baby is. newborns do not always fit into newborn clothes.


Leslie - July 3

I'm having mine at 36 weeks because the whole month of July someone will be out of town that I want to be there so I was stuck having it in August.


kellie - July 3

I think you should plan to have it early. We planned a shower for a close friend 6 weeks before her due date thinking that would give her plenty of time, well she went into pre-mature labor 3 days before the shower & it had to be cancelled because she is now on bed rest.


jenn - July 4

i was going to have mine at 36 weeks, but due to complications in the pregnancy we are going to wait until she is born and we will have a welcome party that way everyone can see her and we will get the right sizes and everything. she is estimated at 2pounds 12ounces right now and im already 35weeks!!! so shes gonna be small and might need preemie clothes


nelly - July 4

I was 31 weeks


gulp... - July 5

I am supposed to have mine at 36 weeks, but I am nervous cus mine is 10 hours away from where I live now!



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