What Will Happen If I Don T Dilate

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poohcma102 - October 14

I just turned 36 weeks and when I went to the doctor on Friday she checked to see if I have dilated any. She said I am tighter than a clam. With my first daughter I went to 39 weeks and 1 day without any dilation. I really want to go for a vbac this time. Will the doctor be able to give me anything to make me dilate or will I have to have another c-section?


January - October 14

you still have a month or so to go so I wouldn't worry about not dialating. Alot can happen in the last days of pregnancy and even the last hours and minutes. I had ds at 35wks 3ds and I'd had my 35wk appt just 3ds before and I wasn't dialated or effaced at all! She gave me the OK to go out of town Christmas shopping, so I did. 3 days later I was in L&D birthing my baby boy. Don't worry just yet.


chickiepoo9 - October 14

I wasnt dialted at all with my son and i have him 2 days before my due date and had a smooth delivary i am now pregnant with my second i am 3 cm have been for a month and tomorrow is my due date dialation is really no indication of when you are going to go into labor at all so no worries good luck to you


Pipa - October 14

I wouldn't worry, like the other ladies said, there's still time. If it comes to it they can use cervical ripening agents to get things going but more than likely your body will get going when its ready.


sahmof3 - October 14

There are somethings that they can give to help dilate the cervix, but since you've had a c-section already your doc may not want you to go that route. Mine said I could try a VBAC, but they would not do anything to induce because I had already had a c-section (I only got to 1/2 cm after 24 hours total labor... 13 hours of that induced with Pitocin). I ended up finding out that I have scarring of the cervix so thick that I can't dilate (at my 20 weeK u/s with baby # 2), so I ended up having scheduled c-sections for #s 2 and 3. But, there's always the chance that your body will surprise you and dilation will start. Good luck :-)



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