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lindsay - May 22

hi all... just wanted to hear a few opinions on this one... i'm 38 weeks and have been closely monitered for a placental abnormality. 2 weeks ago, one of my doctors told me that they would not let me go past 41 weeks w/ this condition. today , a different doctor told me he didn't really want me to go past my due date, unless my cervix was still long, he might let me go a lillte longer. either way , here's my dilemma: i plan on going unmedicated this time (had bad side effects from epidural last time) so i really didn't want to have to be induced at all for 2 reasons: 1.) since i plan on this being my last, i wanted to try to experience going into labor as naturally as possible and 2.) since i'm going unmedicated, i don't want thre potentially strong, on top of eachother ,sudden , etc, contractions pitocin might bring on. by the way, i was induced at 41 weeks w/ my son but was already 4 cm when i got there so as soon as i got a little uncomfortable, i got the epi... so i really don't know what contractions feel like, although, i felt EVERYTHING when i pushed and he crowned and all... but i'm not worried about that; it's just the contractions worry me, since i could have hours of them and am determined to not get any drugs. so here is my question, finally: even though i also did not want to go before my due date, should i consider trying some natural induction methods to try and avoid the pitocin and get things going or leave it all alone and try to keep my cervix "closed up",lol, so they'll let me go a little longer and hopefully just go on my own??? and if i do try some methods, when should i start? (i'm prohibited from s_x, by the way :( ) and what have any of you tried and has worked... i don't want to stres too much over this, and of course will agree to the induction if my baby will be better off, plus nothing is guaranteed that it will work anyway!!! just wanted to hear from my support system :) ANGELBEBE, you seem to know a bit about this stuff... let me know! sorry so long, i always seem to end up typing so much... SO SORRY!!! oh, and 1 more thing, i'll have my first internal next week at 39 week checkup to see where i'm at...


3babies - May 22

Hi Lindsay, do they do any CTGs/BPP to check how healthy/stressed bubs is with your placental problem? I would probably really not want to go over the due date because of the extra stress on the placenta, but if you really want to maybe they could do a profile on bubs to make sure the placenta is healthy enought to wait longer? As for the natural methods, have you asked if you can resume s_x now that you are term? Sometimes they prohibit it earlier, but then it doesnt matter at the end if it puts you into labour (of course I dont know why it has been prohibited in your case, so disregard if not relevant!!). If you have a placental problem though, I would really just keep a c/s in the back of your mind in case bubs gets stressed during labour (not that I'm advocating it, but just to be prepared in case the placenta is a problem). Good luck! .... Did I even answer your question???


lindsay - May 23

3babies,LOL.. my question was what types of "natural' induction methods would you try if in my situation, if any at all, and when should these be started... but i appreciate your response!! i had a bpp 6 weeks ago, she pa__sed 8/8, but they pretty look at all of the same things in every u/s i get, they just don't a__sign a "score" per say...but i've been asking how my placenta looks at my recent u/s, including today, and there doesn't appear to be shrinkage or necrosis, although at this point in any woman's preganancy, placentas begin to "age" anyway... i think maybe i should ask about the s_x thing:) that would be nice, since it's been almost 5 months!! the main reason for the s_x-ban was that orgasm could cause placental detachment at the point of circ_mvallation and cause hemhorrage, and something about cervical bleeding and irritation, although i never understood what my cervix had to do w/ anything...so maybe if if can at least have s_x and get some sperm in there to help me "soften", who knows!! but i have to be honest... the thought of a c/s TERRIFIES me, but i know it is always a possibility, no matter how seemingly "normal" a pregnancy and delivery appears to be going... on the bright side, my doctors see no reason at this point why i should not be able to deliver v____ally.


gro1974 - May 23

Lindsay, My doctor also told me she wouldn't let me go past my due date because of chronic high blood pressure and, like you I want a drug-free birth. If it comes to it, I plan on trying natural methods. My childbirth cla__ses are being taught by a traditional midwife, and she swears by castor oil as a natural inducer. I have yet to ask the specifics of taking it, but she says it works every time. The only down side is that you get some diarrhea from the natural laxative effects in the oil. Good luck! ---Greta


lindsay - May 23

gro1974--how far along are you now? and when do you plan on starting the oil? honestly, i think castor oil is the last thing i would try, if i get really desperate!!:) the thought of it really grosses me out! i just don't know much about other things, i guess i should do some of my own research and see if my doctors have any input... i've heard about blue cohosh (sp?) but have also heard this can be dangerous, primrose oil, raspberry leaf tea, pineapple (although it seem syou have to eat 5 big fresh ones to get any real rippening going, s_x/sperm/orgasm, nipple stimulation, walking... i think those are the most popular things i hear about , other than castor oil. where can i get raspberry leaf tea? i would definitely do this because it seem sso simple and tasty... even if it didn't get things going, i could still enjoy it!


gro1974 - May 24

Lindsay, I agree; the castor oil sounds nasty! I'll probably only try it as a last resort, if I'm scheduled for an induction and nothing else has worked! The raspberry leaf tea can be purchased at most health food stores and I've heard should be drank 2-3 times a day, after week 36. I guess it's suppose to strengthen the uterus and improve contractions. --Greta


angelbebe - May 24

Sorry, I didn't respond earlier. : ) Evening primrose inserted in the v____a is supposed to be excellent. Drink rasberry leaf tea and there is this is this accupressure point about four fingers up from ankle on right foot that stimulates contractions. I got to try that out last night and the contractions came on right away pretty close together. That technique is awesome also when you are having a contraction, have whoever your partner is press on this spot and your brain cannot register two pains at once, so you are drawn to your ankle. It's true that it works. My midwife has used it several times to get a woman in labor and i have read about it in a book called "The Birth Partner" and a Hypnobirthing book I read. Perhaps do a search on the internet to see if you can find anything else out about it. Definitely try these things out as well as walking and see what happens! Good luck!!


lindsay - May 26




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