Whats Everyone Naming Their Baby

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amber - October 19

hey sam, well my boyfriends dad used to play in a band but not really anymore but his dad gave him this guitar he treasures so much, so we came up with the name.


Michelle - October 19

We are naming our daughter Megan Leann. I am due in january. Our first daughters name is Paige Marie.


Lynn - October 19

We rea naming our daughter Kaylynn Elizabeth.


Valeie - October 19

We are naming our little boy Mason Charles


SRG - October 19

We are naming our little guy Jordan Andrew, he is due in a couple of weeks!


Tigerphoenix - October 19

My little girls name will be Elizabeth Hope (first name after my mothers middle name and middle after my older sisters middle name). Amber.. The first thing that popped in my mind was the guitar when you posted your little ones name. I think it is awsome! Who knows she just might turn out to be a famous musician when she grows up! =)


sara - October 19

hi naming our little girl ruby any ideas for a middle name?


MJM - October 19

I am due around the 6th of January. This is baby #2 for us and we are having a boy. His name will be Dewey Joseph. Dewey is after his dad who is Dewey #4 and Joseph is after my middle name of Jo and My dads of Joseph. At least he will have some options on what he wants to be called. Our daughters name, who is 4 1/2, Shelby Marie.


Heather - October 19

My daughter is due in Jan, and she will be named Ashtyn Karli. I am really getting frustrated at everyone telling me Ashtyn is a BOYS name... I don't see why it can't be either. I think it sounds more feminine personally, but that is just me. It is after a family member, too. My cousin died when she was 5 of CF and her name was Ashley.. I want my daughter to be named after her.


kim j - October 19

we are namimg our little boy Dayshaun Jamal Jackson our first is named Davonte Lamont but we call him Davon.


Carol - October 19

We don't know if we are having a boy or a girl - its a surprise! If its a girl - Alise or a___lise Jorinda (the Jorinda after my husbands deceased mother) and if its a boy, Carter Adair.


jennifer - October 19

We are naming our little boy Grant Landon


Heather - October 19

If we are having a girl her name will be Lillian Elizabeth (after my great grandmother) and if it is a boy his name will be Carter Hendriks (middle name is dh's mother's maiden name)


Carol - October 19

I'm having a girl and we're naming her Caitlyn Marie.


Tess - October 19

If were having a girl, Im goin to name her Isabelle Lorraine and if its a boy it would Alexander James :P


Ashlie - October 19

Hi I am having a boy, inducing on the 26th, we are naming him Andrew Dreadon, my first son's name is Ryan Daniel and if we were having a girl she wouldve been named Topanga Star. I like the name Rylan too, but I already have a Ryan (my grandpa's last name)



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