Whats Some Signs Labours Around The Corner

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BabyGirl - March 27

Hey!Im just wondering if anyone has some signs that means labour isnt to far away! Like what symptoms will you feel leading up to going into labour?


meme - March 27

Some women have virtually no warning at all, so it's hard to say.


Ca__sieSong - March 27

Labor is sooo unpredictable! I can tell you what happened to me, but it will be completely different for another woman. I began losing my mucous plug at week 35... but only parts. I was 90% effaced and 2cm for WEEKS. Finally a few days before my due date, the rest of my plug came out. It was VERY noticable. Then, the day before my due date, I had (what I thought were) bh contractions all day long. They were mild, but by the end of the day were as close as 4 minutes apart. They never hurt. I thought it was false labour. Nope. 11:15 PM that night, my water broke and off we went to the hospital! As soon as my water broke, the contractions began hurting... big time. Our daughter was born on her due date.. Dec. 10th.


krithi20 - March 27

Hi, I have beenwondering the same thing too. I will be completing 37 weeks tomorrow (Tuesday). For the past one week my stomach's been upset and since this morning I have been pasing loose stools. Only in the past week I have been noticing the apparent BHXs. Before that I didnt know if I was having them or even identify them. I have lost my apet_te as well. I am not able to eat as I would usually even pre-pregnancy, and I am having nausea for the past week as well. Does that mean labor is around the corner?


cteel - March 27

I am hoping someone can tell me what it is I have been feeling. I keep getting these sharp pains in my lower ab. It usually lasts like 30 sec. to a minute and goes away after a couple of time. I didnt know what it was.


Jenn2 - March 27

I have heard that a week to two weeks before you go into labor your baby becomes allot less active inside you b/c rooms is running out. besides that.....I'm not sure. It sure would be nice to have warning signs and know when to expect it.


Rabbits07 - March 27

It would be soooooooo nice if there were some definite signs to let you know that baby's arrival is imminent. With all my different pregnancies I've had everything from pa__sing bloody show 3 days before with the first baby, one day before with the fourth. Loose stools for a week before with the second. A couple of cm dilated for a week with the third and with #5 all I got was increased Bh contractions for a week before I had him. It seems like every pregnancy is different, but all the things everyone has mentioned are signs that the body is preparing. Some women's bodies start preparing alot farther in advance than others though...so it's just a waiting game for all of us I guess.



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