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Staci - June 29

Whats the number that indicates gestational diabetes? Going for my glucose test Friday, and I am wondering what the "warning" level is, what I have to watch for. I have a friend who just delivered whose doctor (he was awful in all ways) really ruined her pregnancy by telling her she had gestational diabetes because her test showed her sugar to be 132. They insisted on a c section, saying the baby was going to get too big. Turned out she got lucky and delivered on her own before that, ON her due date, and the baby was only 6 lbs! IS 132 really gestational diabetes? I am not an expert, but it didnt seem to me that level was really high, considering she just drank 12 oz of sugar for that test. The same thing happened to another friend of mine. She has had FIVE pregnancies, and they kept saying her sugar was too high. The last few kids, she ignored the drs and not one was born "overweight".


sara - June 30

i just had my one hour test done 2 days ago and they called me yesterday and said mine was 179 and the cut off was 130. i have to go tommorrow for the 3 hour test, i hope it comes back ok


BBK - June 30

"IS 132 really gestational diabetes?" not by itself, it's a little more complicated than that, particularly how long it stays above 130, after you have been "challenged" with glucose. Also if it only goes up to 132, I would seriously doubt it. The test you're taking sounds like "glucose challenge" which is just to probe to see if another more comprehensive test (glucose tolerance) is needed. That second test will determine if it could be GD. By the way having an overweight baby may or may not happen if you have GD, and there are lots of other rules and regulations. BTW friends of mine just had a 10lb baby and their doctors failed to catch it. At the 35 week sono they just said "it's a good size baby".... As a result my friend's wife had to be st_tched for an hour after delivery.... yikes! She had no GD either!?


to staci - June 30

If your friend only had the one hour test and her sugar was only 132, she should be fine. She shouldn't have even had to have the 3 hour test. I think the cut of is 140. How they check for GD is they make you drink a very sweet liquid. Then they take your blood (to check for sugar levels) every hour on the hour for 3 hours after that. (oh, they also take your blood before you drink). You can "fail" one test, but if you "fail" more than one, they consider you to have GD. In other words, if they check your sugar and hour after you drink and it's higher then their guidlines, and it happens again, you have GD.....GD is not common so I wouldn't worry. I just went through this last month. They had me scared to death!


Staci - June 30

thanks everyone!! I love this site. My test is tomorrow- I will let you know when the results come in. I havent really avoided sugar so far because I have been eating ice cream (blush), so I am a little concerned.. tho I dont know if eating sugar (having a scoop of icecream in the evening) during the pregnancy causes GD or not.. (does it?)


Dani - July 1

No, eating sugar during pregnancy will not cause GD (although you don't want to eat too much anyways) If her blood sugar was 132 then she would have needed to have the 3 hour to determine if she really did or not. Some doctors cutoff is 130 and some is 140, but that's just for the first test. It doesn't mean anything. Also the thing about if you do have GD it is not just about avoiding sugar. You also have to watch pasta, bread, juice etc. Your body turns all of that into "sugar" anyways.


Staci - July 8

My level was 131. The cut off (at least at my dr. office) is 135 so theyre not making me go for the 3 hr test, Whew! thank G-d!! Anyone else have their test recently?



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