Whats Up W All These Charley Horses In Leg

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mgn - January 17

i have entered my 3rd trimester last week and have been greeted with 3 charley horses in my calf in the middle of the night. they hurt so bad i awake from my sleep and can barely move until in sibsides about 30 seconds later. whats up with this? am i in danger? is this a sign something more serious is wrong? any suggestions to stop them? thanks


Gemini_Girl - January 17

HI Ive had them a few times myself, they are sooo painful! they can be caused by a mineral deficiency of pota__sium/magnesium/calcium, so you could try and eat more food that contains that stuff, also keep yourself well hydrated, I think they are a normal pregnancy complaint, but if it happens too often you should contact your doc!


KRISTINA - January 17

I get them as well. I find that if I lay still and bend my toes towards my head extending my leg out straight, they go away.


sarah21 - January 17

It is totally normal. I would try taking an extra prenatal vitamin and see if it helps. Also eat more bananas (high in pota__sium), and drink lots of milk and things like that. Make sure you get enough protein-- it is recommended to get 80-100 grams a day! It's tough to get it all in, but easier if you add a protein shake.


mary_ln - January 17

Yeah, I got them for a couple months straight around the end of the second, beginning of third trimester. But, I haven't had one for the past few weeks (I'm 39weeks today). They were a common complaint in my childbirth cla__s so there is nothing abnormal about it. Our instructor just told us to try stretching before bed and before getting out of bed. I just can't wait to have my baby boy so that my body can be free from aches and pains! haha...


mom2dayus - January 17

I was gettng them too, but now I eat a banana every morning and haven't had one since around Thanksgiving! I hope this helps!


Tracy88 - January 18

bananas and lots of water worked for me.



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