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krista - October 10

when does the doctor usually start to examine you and check for effacement and dilation??im 35 wks and have not had a pelvic exam since my first prenatal visit.


Dez - October 11

I was wondering the same thing because I am also 35 weeks and havent had a pelvic exam since the first visit. I was thinking that maybe they dont do one unless you have signs or are at high risk for preterm labor.


krista - October 11

well I know that near the end the doctor will start checking for dilation and effacement..but Im not sure when


kellie - October 11

wait a couple more weeks. unless you think that there is something not feeling right tell them and they will check you i started to have to be checked at 30 weeks this time around i am now 36 weeks home free for a healthy baby thank god...........if you feel pressure or anything unsual that you havent normally felt then tell them but usually they start checking about 36-37 weeks


krista - October 12

everything is normal, I haven't even been having any braxton hicks.But sometimes I feel a sharp pain in my v____a..as if its going upwards..I'm not sure if thats anything to be concerned about or just something stretching or baby on a nerve maybe??


TGS - November 5

This is my 4th pregnancy, and they are just now starting to check me, I am 35 weeks. It is normal for them to wait until the last month or so.


ray - November 6

if you live in england they don't check you anymore they only check you when you are in labour when i was pregnant with my last daughter i kept going to the doctors and hospital everyday b/c when i found out i was pregnant i knew something wasn't right from the start and they wouldn't check me out even though i told them at 24 weeks that i checked my cervix b/c i kept feeling something and when i checked myself i felt my babies head then she span around then i could feel her foot of course the midwifes didn't believe me untill i drawed a diagram and showed them where i felt it and i had to tell them what it felt like then they believed me but they kept saying everything was fine then when i was 28 weeks i had backache all night so in the morning my husband rubbed my back b/c it really hurt but then when i stood up my waters broke so again i had to go to the hospital but b/c i wasn't in any pain they still wouldn't check to see if my baby was alright then at 30 weeks they did check me b/c they thought i had an infection and when they did check me it hurt. when they finished checking i suddenly went into labour and my daughter wa born at 7.40pm on mother's day weighing just 3lb so after all that complaining that something was wrong and they wouldn't check me and now i wish they never did check me.


krista - November 6

omg ray thats crazy.. My doctor said the same thing when I asked her about checking me, they don't until you are in labour or have reason to believe you are in labour.


Dez - November 6

my dr kinda sait the same thing, that they usually dont check, but if I wanted them too they really dont like to do it until 39-40 weeks. probably just to make sure you are full term before they put you at risk of going into labor, too soon


stacy - November 17

You will have an exam about 36 weeks to check for GBS. Then they'll check for dilation and effacement.


rainie - November 22

Be thankful, those pelvic exams HURT especially if your baby hasn't dropped yet, I have had to have a couple different exams for different reasons. They exams were by nurses, and each time they said don't worry I'm much more gentle than any male doctor... YEAH RIGHT, they haven't been able to even reach my cervix which is a good thing, but yikes, it hurts when they try!!!


Sharon - August 27

With my first child back in 1999 they checked at 35 weeks (I told the dr I wanted to leave town). My second child in 2003 the dr was good about trying to keep me informed and again started checking me about every other week or so that last month. Now, 2005, the dr said he didn't want to check me unless I wanted my membranes stripped at 38 weeks. I forced the issue enough that he checked me anyway to find me 50% or so effaced and over 3cm dilated. Looks like the trend is for doctors to start following England by not doing internal exams until labor!



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