WHEN Can I Start Doing Stuff To Induce Labor DOES IT WORK

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andy - March 8

I´m 36w4d and can´t wait to have my baby NOW , well not now I know its too early , but still , I can´t wait ... When can I start to do anything to induce labor ? I haven´t lost my mucus plug and at last week´s visit was not dilated or anything at all ... I don´t wanna be past my due date , but don´t wanna put my baby at any risk ... Do you know of anything that works ... and Does this things even work??? please anything will help ... thanks!!!


Kar - March 8

Andy.........bad news.............nope nothing you can do, your baby will come when its ready!! You're not even considered "term" yet, almost 37 weeks. Your baby needs more time. I'm 39 weeks and waiting.


Tammy276 - March 8

You could try drinking raspberry LEAF tea....it won't induce labor, but it helps strengthen the uterus for labor.....other than that, you can try everything in the book and it will only work if your body is ready. I've been 3cm for 3 weeks now and my doctor didn't think I would go another week after the first time she checked me and here I am at 37 weeks. I guess the best two to try would be s_x and walking.....the s____n can help to efface/thin the cervix and orgasm can cause you to have contractions...it may not put you into labor, but it may help things get started.....walking can help with "gravity" and help baby move down into the pelvis.


Lala - March 8

Since you don't want to do anything to put your baby at risk, don't even try until 38 weeks. Believe me, I am an NICU nurse, and less than 38 weeks can have problems, so you would be putting baby at risk. Also, you probably feel miserable right now, but believe me (I'm a mom of 6 week old), you will get less rest after baby comes. Enjoy it while you can! Best to you!


missycc4 - March 8

I've been taking Primrose oil caps seens I was 34 weeks. I started with 500mg then moved up to 2000mg a day. I'm only 1and a half almost 2 cm dilated. I'm 41 weeks almost 42 with my Lmp with my ultrasound 39 weeks. It helps to soften the cervix thats if your not having a lot of s_x because the s____n also soften the cervix. I didnt get anys_x so I researched it. I wouldn't try anything else until later in your pregnancy



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