When Can They Strip Membranes

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KristinTone - July 5

When do doctors usually strip your membranes? I was going to ask my doc to do it at my 38 week appointment is this too early? Will they normally do it if you ask? Thanks!


jodsil - July 5

I have my doctor appointment tomorrow and will ask her to strip mine. I think any time after 37-38 weeks is fine because the baby is full term.


slackette - July 5

Maybe its a dumb question....but what does it mean to "stip your membranes"??


KristinTone - July 5

Hmmm I can't give an exact descrtiption, but I know it is when you are close to your due date and possibly dialating. The doctor puts his finger inside your cervix and does something they consider "stripping your membranes" I know it can put you into labor. Or at least help in some cases. Correct me if I am wrong anyone! Hey Jodsil let me know if they do it for you. My doc is kinda an a__s and I have a feeling he will say no.


kim00 - July 5

Stripping the membranes is where they separate your bag of water from the cervix. It is not intended to break the water, just "get things going." My dr does it at 38 weeks, unless requested not to. I had it done with my first, and I didn't even feel it, but some say it can be very uncomforable.


Athenajack - July 5

My Dr. did mine 1 week before my due date with my son. I had my son 3 days early. It didn't hurt any worse than the yearly checkup. I'm hoping he can do it sooner this time. 36 weeks alo0ng today.


jodie - July 6

Hey Kristin, I had my 37 wk apt today and my doc told me he is going to do it next week at my 38 wk. I had it done last time at my 39 wk and my son was born 4 days early.


slackette - July 6

Oh my, that is much more than I thought it would be. There is no risk of infection or anything?? I am not sure if I would want to do that or not. I guess maybe once I am at the end I will probably want to do anything to get things started though!!


Tammy276 - July 6

Some doctors will do it early and some won't do it until you are at or past your due date. It doesn't hurt to ask if you want it done. My doctor stripped mine at my 38 week appointment and I went into labor that night and had her the next morning. Mine was a bit painful, but not too bad....it was all worth it in the end. Basically the separate the bag of waters from the cervix and it releases hormones that can get things going. Whether it works or not can depend on how "aggressive" they are when they strip your membranes. Some doctors will only "swipe" once and other doctors will go around a few times. THe more aggressive it is, the more likely it is you will go into labor. I started having cramps right after it was done and around 10:00 pm is when I started with the contractions. I went to the hospital at 1:00 a.m., the broke my water at 9 am when I was 5 cm and I had her at 11:15 am. so things went rather quickly.


jodsil - July 7

So I had my appointment yesterday and I didn't even get an internal. They only do that next week and she said she will strip the membranes then if I wanted. She did give me a quick ultrasound to see if there was enough fluid and if baby was head down. She said baby was really low, so that's good. At the end of the appointment she said if i really wanted my membranes stripped she would do it but I was so tired I just said I would wait until next week. Bummer!


DDT - July 7

My doc wouldn't strip my membranes at 39 wks. She said she didn't want to..(Ill paraphrase)...mess with anything down there when my pregnancy was going so well. She said the baby will come when he/she is ready. Be patient. Youve waited 40wks, and another 1-2 weeks is nothing.



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