When Contractions Begin

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krista-lee - April 21

how long do they last? and how far apart are they? i know it differs from woman to woman but what was it for you?


cush74 - April 21

Hi, my contractions with my last labour started at 8.45am and were ten minutes apart for about 8 hours. They weren't very painful though. They lasted about 30 seconds each. They got more intense later on and by 11pm they were very painful and about 3-4 minutes apart and 60 seconds long. I lasted at home for another couple of hours until I could no longer stand the pain. Got to hospital about 1.30am and had contractions about every 2 minutes that lasted for at least 60 seconds......mind you, every time I moved, this brought on another contraction. So I tried not to move a muscle. Towards the end there was hardly a break in between them. It seemed that they were right on top of each other. I couldn't tell when one ended and another began....


Emily - April 21

mine started dully at 6am on a Fri and were very irregular, they were like 10 minutes apart. They subsided and then 3am on sat they were in strong every 15 minutes and they kept getting stronger but never any closer together. went to hospital at 11pm on sat night when they were too strong to talk through. They ended up havint o give me medication to make them closer together.....once they did that, they came a little closer but not much, I had them evey ten or so minuites and were very strong (with medication) I had the baby 9pm Sun night.....so I was in labor all weekend. But am ready to do it all again. I am 31 weeks with my second. It was long but smooth really. good luck


sara b - April 21

I never knew I was in labor. I went in for an NST the day before I was scheduled to be induced and was contracting. An exam showed I was 3 cm and 100% effaced so I went home to come back when I felt pain. Next day went in for scheduled induction and was 5 cm and still contracting. The dr. broke my water and ordered the epidural and I delievered before dinner. If I were you I'd monitor the hardness of your stomach. A good contraction will make your stomach feel like your forehead. ANy softer and its prolly BH's. Best wishes.



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