When Did Baby Turn Head Down

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Olivene - May 14

Hi. My midwife has instructed me to get into these positions every night for 10-15 minutes- they're supposed to encourage the baby to turn head-down. She was head-up at the last ultrasound (27 weeks) I'm only almost 28 weeks now. Do you think it is too early to worry about this yet? When did your baby turn head-down?


michelle - May 14

I'm 32 weeks and my baby is still head up.. I was wondering the same thing...


krista-lee - May 14

my doctor told me baby was head down at about 25 weeks. but a lot of times they do get into the right position before they come out : ]


Olivene - May 15

Krista-lee, your baby must have a great sense of direction! Michelle, I hope some others answer, too, so we can get an idea of what we're dealing with. Has youre doctor/midwife said anything about your baby being head up at this point?


rachel_renee_20 - May 15

At my last ultrasound the baby was head down which was a releif because she was laying side ways for the first 32 weeks. My ultrasound was at 34 weeks but I knew she turned about the 32nd week because my whole belly shifted and it kinda hurt one night and her little hands and feet were in a whole new position.


mia - May 15

Hi my baby was head down by 30 weeks,and my baby is still that way.I was told at 30 weeks thats it's possible for my baby to turn again but luckily it's still the right way round


^lucy^ - May 15

my baby was headdown by 22 weeks.. i thought this was a bit early but thanks GOD she's still until now and im almost 39 weeks :) dont worry babies can move and then be ready right before labor :)


Alyssam21 - May 15

At my 34 week appt. my baby was still breeched. My doctor mention that if by my 36 weeks appt. he was still breeched she was going to try to move him externally. She has also advised me to do the same excersizes. Hopefully he turns otherwise it looks like C-section. I have though also heard of people having scheduled C-sections and the baby turning at the last minute. There is always hope! I would say it's a little early to start worrying :)


Evonna - May 15

My baby turned head down at 22 weeks and i have no clue where she's positioned at now that i'm 28 weeks pregnant. But it is a bit early to worry about it because at 27 weeks, your baby is everywhere in your uterus since she/he has plenty of room.



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