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Confuzed..... - December 1

Hi guys... I have posted here a few times before, mostly just lurk around but I feel that you ladies know what your talking about so I wanted to share my story with you and see what you thought... I am not big on understanding the whole pregnancy calender deal and am very confuzed on when I am exactly due..... Let me share my complete story, and hopefully you can help.... Jan. 22nd 2005 I got pregnant and ended up having a miscarrage when I was around 9-10 weeks pregnant so I had a D&C in the later part of March.... I started my period up agian April 29th and it was normal... It ended in the first part May...I think the 3rd. I had unprotected s_x on May 6th, 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th.... (Only on the weekends b/c My husband was in Military training then and that was the only thime we could do it..lol) I had another period that started May 27th and I am not sure how long it lasted, it was light and for a few days..... Agian I had s_x June 4th, 10th, 11th, 13th I hadn't felt pregnant or anything.... Last time I had gotten sick around 4-5 weeks, it was my first pregnancy though... I had a wierd momentarily bleeding spell on June 10th and June 13th It only lasted like an hour each of thoughs days. I started feeling very hungry and eating like a pig in the first few weeks on June.... and I took a pregnancy test June 18th and it came up positive... I started getting morning sickness around June 23rd.... I hadnt gotten a doctors app. until Sept. 2nd b/c that is when the doctor I go to see's pregnant women around 12 weeks... I had based my pregnancy on my last period calculating I was around 13 weeks or so.... But there they did an ultrasound dating I was 17 weeks... EDD Feb 7th Then I had another ultrasound Sept. 29th dating I was 20 weeks 5 days...EDD Feb 11th, but the doctor didnt change it, he just kept Feb. 7th.... So my question is..... When in the heck did I get pregnant? Are Ultrasounds accurate if they are done that late? Can you have a breakthrough period? And should I expect to be due in the first or second week of Feb.? My baby is now 3 lbs and I think I'm 30 weeks.. I write down all the days I have s_x and periods so that calculation is correct.... How pregnant do you have to be to get a positive result? Ohhh I am confuzed! Well girls I hope you can help.... I dont do calculations on pregnancy to well and my doctor doesnt care to listen and explain anything....


Lena - December 1

It seems to me you got pregnant somewhere in the second part of May. Probably between May 14 and 28. Since your period started on April 29, ovulation probably occured around 2 weeks from then, which would put in in the middle of May. The egg only lives a short time 24-48 hours, so that's the only time you could've gotten pregnant. So basically your only possible days would be May 14 or May 21. If you got pregnant on May 14, that would put your due date at Feb. 7th, and if you got pregnant on May 21st, then your due date would be Feb. 14th. There isn't really much difference, I would just pick a day in the middle, like 10th or something. And yes you can have a little bleeding, that happens right around the time the fertilized egg implants itself in the uterus. I hope this helps.


Emy - December 1

My edd is february 20th and I conceived on may 30th. So...since you are about 10 days off from me, I would say you conceived around the 21st of may......


Confuzed..... - December 2

Thanks Guys!



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